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Thursday, December 7, 2017

My one Vote

The other day I thought of writing few lines which may be consumed by a celebrity like Bill Gate, they say…. he is fond of reading. The enlightenment came to me as I jumped out of my bed to reach the stars and the moon this morning. Early mornings are always wonderful as one gets to hear a little cacophony of birds. I do not know if we still have birds in Kathmandu…. I wonder. Which reminds me one little the “Dennis the Menace” caricature early in my college days University of Roorkee ; where one gets to read his exclamation on the birds dangling from the wires..a sad reminder of our connectivity to the rest of the world of present times. We still rely so much on the poles which litter our city. One may see two prominent features in places like Kathmandu. First is the dust which almost chokes you out of your mind and the second is the poles and the dangling wires a symbolic intrusion of technology barring all the pot holes littering the roads of our neighborhood.

Had to rewind my alarm clock somehow this morning, as I decided to forgo all the mystic heavenly bodies from my sight …as I was preparing myself to get moving for the election the following hours .. that is today. Somehow I managed to drag my feet to the morning walk. That little stroll I can never miss. I had to cross that limit of 10,000 steps irrespective of any holidays I could encounter, which connects me to all the letters marked either in RED or BALCK in our calendar dictating our freedom for leisure or the bread and butter. The ratio of red and white letters in the calendar is somehow crossing the limits of our endurance. I am sure if the trend of public holidays continues with all the inclusivity bestowed to us through this new constitution. A sad dichotomy of the achievements empowered to all the Nepalese if nothing else for that matter.  These nasty breaks from the workdays might demand a hefty compensation out of our social service incentive any time sooner in an improvised country like Nepal.

The election fever must have been gripping my nerves by now, but the App has failed to register that big number of 10,000 steps. Don’t you think I am reluctant to cast my vote as a bonafide citizen of the country, I can guess. Is it the App or my conscience which is dragging me from reaching the ballot box. My casual talk with “Aama” the octogenarian lady in our neighborhood should have given me enough reason to relinquish my rights. She was so very indifferent on the outcome of the election and her own voting rights, yet eager to be a part of the statics of the ballot. I am not yet sure if I am ready to curse on all the equation of lost opportunity and the chaotic state of the country, the sufferings we have endured through the last 20 years of democratic anarchy If I become really wise as a citizen of the country. These presumption might not let me reach the ballot I wonder….!!!

It is 3.33pm and I have yet to vote, that may add a little pride on the value of one vote that I OWN to change the very equation of political gimmicks.. This one Vote which may be the last vote to reach the a ballot box may eventually save the nation to become next “ North Korea”. With the Fitbit App on my wallet and my steps getting closer to 10,000, let me cast the last vote to save the nation.

Jai Shambo

Friday, December 1, 2017

“Stop and Go” the new Traffic talk decorating our city

I still remember walking as a toddler with my father and the way he used to tell me to recite all the road-signs and the traffic signal I could bump into. I remember the roads being a bit narrower albeit big enough to leave a lot of room for pedestrians. I do not know if the cars and trucks being slicker and narrower back then, I wonder. May be during those days it could have been more to do with the pockets too.  People must have been happier befriending two wheeler or more precisely the one with the pedal. These days we have started naming the one with the pedal as “Mountain bikes” meant for off-road; imbedded more with the luxury. Few green-enthusiasts on the developed world claim that they have found a new meaning for it to cut off the carbon emissions. Lets befriend that little savage in the third world like Nepal to churn out a bit fat out of us.

Imagine if you are to take these little savage and go around the city with the protective gears and other paraphernalia a synonym for a pedal rider. The traffic signs on the road may soon find a new meaning. I wonder people might find it rather pleasant to stop for a little break with the green, orange and red. The intermittent flash of these signs may drive us little fidgety at times on the four wheel, but for the two wheller it may be a blessing in disguise. The irony is on the speed we have started borrowing from automation and the freedom we enjoy with multitasking where ever we get these little break. May be the traffic lights on the crossings can be a very convenient junctions to make few calls and a bit of texting too till someone honks behind your wheel, a byproduct of innovation on telecommunication.

But this morning I was almost driven to nuts as the traffic signs on the crossing turned to a placard of “ Stop and Go” signs. It broke my patience as I nearly jumped  off till I saw the “stop” placard on the crossing. Alas, I did manage to stir my car to safety without a warning notice. Here in Kathmandu, If one drives through the night, I am sure he would be greeted by flasher lights of red and green in many part of Kathmandu traffic junction.  Our ambassadors on the road may need a little more visibility I wonder, but we do have these barricades here and there, where the visibility getting larger than life for a party goer, they would not miss an opportunity of a polite inquiry on their itinerary once in a blue moon.

The new addition of “ Stop and Go” must have taken quite a number of weeks and month of thinking after every other solar powered traffic lights gave away. This innovation seems to be a credible one. This little gadgets must have been an “ Eureka moment” to our road masters.
But it still leaves a little preparatory time one might need to shift from “ Stop and Go” as on the Orange light of our time in the valley. Hope it shall be added soon, otherwise, you may pretty soon find one of the officer permanently stationed to put an orange placard with the “PREPARE” sign in the days to come. It would be pretty interesting to see the traffic junction with the colorful signs of red, green and orange placard decorated with blue uniform in the days to come, I am sure…!!!...????

And the last line, I should appreciate their patience when we used to have days and dark nights with virtual load shedding for hours in a go with the sporadic combustion of power transformers across the valley. On the hindsight it must have been a big catalyst for the innovation for “ Stop and Go”. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

DIY Solar water heater for the THIRD WORLD


My DIY solar heater water is up and running...coming winter. This would be a big luxury for hot water requirement for the mass in the THIRD WORLD as they call it. Please note "Every penny you save is the money you earn..."....!!!

The details at my blog other link at
and my blog at…/youtube-blog-diy-pas…

Friday, November 24, 2017

Walk to cut the Belly fat

It might surprise you all If I say you would be able to cut the fat on a casual walk or stroll. Walking is a lovely exercise if you do it alone or in a group. First and foremost it helps to refresh your mind and body the second one … it helps to burn some calories albeit a very small in number. The other day my Samsung mobile App registered 461 calorie after 10,000 steps that is around 6km distance. If I put one minute for every 100 steps I take, that is a whooping 100 minutes… and I wonder if I can find that much time in one go. It is the sum of all of my 30 minutes in the morning before I get ready for EVnR, for a little warm-up and other minor stretches and small breaks I take while in the office or at home.
In the most of the world the professional like me who are used bending their head on to their screen, a big number of steps in one go would be little insane unless we go out to the site works. In my site I prefer not to find a chair as far as possible unless I have to sit for a meeting. But soon I might ask everyone out there to get ready for standing or walking meetings as far as possible. The big question for all the professionals and computer geeks is “ Time gets scarce if we are to win and excel” and which makes us forgo little pleasure one might derive out of little stroll or walk here and there.

And it is obvious that we are all killing our health in the name of our productive routine. We barely give attention to that little walk if followed properly makes us a bit more healthier too. Your productive time in the office has a lot to do with how you put your body to work as well. This can start with the posture you keep while using the laptop or the desktop. My sincere advice would be to add a desktop screen for your laptop and maintain an upright position following the curves of your revolving chair. Do not bend or stoop to put that strain on the neck. Once you are settled on your desk.... then I shall tell how you should use your gait to add a little more shine on your face and stub that fat out of your body with ease. Always try to make the best use of those little walk which one might need to endure while walking to other workstations or while going or the lunch or the loo.

As far as I know most of us have been leaning away from the art of walking. The very first thing we forget or we neglect revolves around our posture. The gadgets we carry makes us fidgeting all the time to check for the new arrivals on our mobiles and I have barely seen any one in real good posture while walking. I get a little nausea at times when I see people walking and talking or walking and listening or walking and texting and bumping into each other or hitting the wall or the ditch. The art of walking is simply being ignored and it is high time we get back to the basics of our evolution to bipeds from the monkey’s. It seems we are monkeying to much on the art of right walking.

The posture, the gesture and sole of your feet culminate to a prefect unison in the real art of walking. It must have evolved from my EVnR, a real art of exercise to trim your belly and body fat away with the lot of vibration and resistance. In the last few days I noticed if I can integrate the art of walking into the art of EVnR, it would be a total fitness package, which may get viral in social media. You can follow both if you have a time or you may follow one or the next.. the art of walking …….. an would a be viral sensation in social media. Please watch for my twitter, Facebook post or YouTube in coming days.

It should be a lot fun and also an enlightenment for the people who hate their protruding BELLY. Guys relax… wait and watch for me with my new “AVATAR”… Cheers…!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Everest Floriculture A Green House Fiasco in Nepal

On the hindsight Everest Floriculture could have been a GEM, for an impoverished country like Nepal.  As an architect in the civil infrastructure of the project I still get the pangs when my path veers into that territory of Nayapati,Sunderijal, on the bank of river Bagmati, an area of more than 150 Ropani and the infrastructure of whooping 50,000 sqm. The mammoth landfill  work of the project depleted two small hillocks nearby to raise the site by  three meter with an embankment to stop the inundation which did happen in the early stage of work. With and Almost four years of planning designing and Execution made it possible to send the first lot of roses  out of the country around 2006 and it continued for few years before its demise around 2010. The ambitious project, enthusiastic investors and the owner and the work itself melted into oblivion in a decade, but the footprint still remains, a big chunk of landmass with the disheveled infrastructure from the Google eye should put every politicians and thinkers of this country to shame.

But why it failed a big question we might all need to answer. May be this country does not need any ambitious project or the entire economy is simply pegged into the unprecedented land value, which makes every investment in the infrastructure redundant. Or we prepare our people for growing roses in mammoth scale outside the country only. Or the bilateral relation of Nepal with the Israel or other nations and the protection of investment by Nepalese entrepreneurs are out of the bounds of Nepalese law enforcement and national agriculture policies.

But Why I am thinking about this and being an architect should I limit my role to development of infrastructure only. But we all in the development of alternative technology should first find the right balance on the priorities of Nepal government policy so as make the investment of any kind feasible in the long run. An alternative approach can always enhance productivity and promote sustainable growth if it is accepted at the larger level of public domain. But again it needs additional skilled technical manpower to support the growth, where the intervention of government by investment, promotion and association with international agencies for technology exchange and support plays a pivotal role.

Everest Floriculture have failed may be because we were not ready for it then or it was not a timely investment as the country was already in a turmoil with the Maoist insurgency. I am not sure if it can revived but it could have been a big starting point for the large scale rose production in Nepal with the seven big green house with the state of art technology embedded in its production system.

Creating the infrastructure in that scale was a big challenge for me as well as the owners of Everest Floriculture starting from the land pulling work. We visited quite a few areas including Chovar before we really settled into that Nayapati site. It is an oblong site flanked by a elevated landmass on the eastern side along the bank of Bagmati river. The actual site was a low land ideal for rice plantation with occasional flooding. The construction of the project of this nature in the low land along the flood plain was quite complicated and as it required the construction of spurs and earthen embankment to divert the water flow.

I am not an economist to elaborate on the details of it’s untimely demise, I thought it would be rather wise to talk about how a green house works. For me as I understand the green house makes it possible to control the internal ambience of the infrastructure contained there- in. The irrigation system can be a bit different with the controlled water supply as in the drip irrigation and also the injection of fertilizers can also be channeled through the same piping arrangements. The slope and internal environment of the green house plain makes it possible to create and control the overall management and growth of the plants. The ventilation system of the interior can be very tricky as there might be a requirement for a forced ventilation. The roof of the green house absorbs a lot of heat and UV rays, which needs to be regulated to a very large extent, the UV controlled plastic sheets have really revolutionized the way green house functions. And further more proper water management plays a pivotal role in the overall functions of the green house. Places like Kathmandu requires a continuous water supply arrangement through additional storage system, which can be further augmented through rain water harvesting in addition to deep tube wells. The quality of water needs a proper assessment with the provision of adequate filtrations system. The storm water management can be funneled into the water storage system so as to regulate the irrigation system of the plant.

I am writing the story of an ambitious project after it’s demise, and I strongly feel the annual production capacity of Everest Floriculture and the investment made there in and the lost opportunities on the employment generation along with the skilled manpower development are all the missed opportunities for the whole nation. I still wonder if this project can be revived but it should be learning lesson for the agro-investment in Nepal.

And lastly being an architect of the project I can vouch that we have the knowledge and experience to create infrastructures of this kind, but the skills we all entrepreneurs and professionals have should be protected by the government and utilized for the development of agro- business in Nepal.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How can you say good bye my love

Enjoy the Video

Video-Grapher/ Art Director/ Composer - Atul Bhattarai

Singer/ Song writer and Music Composer- Debesh Raj Bhattarai

Timro ra hamro bhet bha ko Dina

Sanglo pani dhamilo man kina

How can you say that

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

I love to hold your hand and say

I love you my Love

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

I love to tell you… I love to tell you

How much I….. Love you my love

तिम्रो र हाम्रो भेट भा को दिन

सङ्लो पानी धमिलो मन किन

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

How did you made your mind to….

Leave me My love

Cause I always want to say that

I love you my love

तिम्रो र हाम्रो भेट भा को दिन

सङ्लो पानी धमिलो मन किन

How can you say……

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Free Energy from Air

FREE ENERGY FROM AIR. The animation shows how we can draw
power from open circuit …… it works with the principle of induction. The two
ends of a wire loop is connected in a Battery circuit with small light bulb leaving
other two ends of the wire free as in open circuit. The moment the wire touches
the power source the bulb lights up indicating a CURRENT FLOW, ION FLOW or
ELECTRON FLOW, whatever you call it.
I can see a lot of potential of it to draw the power from the
Atmospheric AIR with its positively charge IONS and the EARTH makes a BIG BATTERY BANK, with the positively charged
Ions sitting at the higher altitude and the negative charge at the GROUND LEVEL
and a tremendous potential difference, which exists there in.
As it is obvious from this circuit, we can charge continuously
from the THIN AIR as in my WORKING MODULE. I am sure if we work further on this.
 It could have the potential to meet all
the energy demands of the future.
For me being an architect I shall have a big limitation to
take this DISCOVERY TO THE HIGHER LEVEL. I shall always have the passion, but I
might need more financial and technical resources to continue.
Hope I shall find some interesting mind for the collaboration.
The prototype of the invention and discovery is with me and I shall apply for a
PATENT pretty soon.

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