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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Everest Floriculture A Green House Fiasco in Nepal

On the hindsight Everest Floriculture could have been a GEM, for an impoverished country like Nepal.  As an architect in the civil infrastructure of the project I still get the pangs when my path veers into that territory of Nayapati,Sunderijal, on the bank of river Bagmati, an area of more than 150 Ropani and the infrastructure of whooping 50,000 sqm. The mammoth landfill  work of the project depleted two small hillocks nearby to raise the site by  three meter with an embankment to stop the inundation which did happen in the early stage of work. With and Almost four years of planning designing and Execution made it possible to send the first lot of roses  out of the country around 2006 and it continued for few years before its demise around 2010. The ambitious project, enthusiastic investors and the owner and the work itself melted into oblivion in a decade, but the footprint still remains, a big chunk of landmass with the disheveled infrastructure from the Google eye should put every politicians and thinkers of this country to shame.

But why it failed a big question we might all need to answer. May be this country does not need any ambitious project or the entire economy is simply pegged into the unprecedented land value, which makes every investment in the infrastructure redundant. Or we prepare our people for growing roses in mammoth scale outside the country only. Or the bilateral relation of Nepal with the Israel or other nations and the protection of investment by Nepalese entrepreneurs are out of the bounds of Nepalese law enforcement and national agriculture policies.

But Why I am thinking about this and being an architect should I limit my role to development of infrastructure only. But we all in the development of alternative technology should first find the right balance on the priorities of Nepal government policy so as make the investment of any kind feasible in the long run. An alternative approach can always enhance productivity and promote sustainable growth if it is accepted at the larger level of public domain. But again it needs additional skilled technical manpower to support the growth, where the intervention of government by investment, promotion and association with international agencies for technology exchange and support plays a pivotal role.

Everest Floriculture have failed may be because we were not ready for it then or it was not a timely investment as the country was already in a turmoil with the Maoist insurgency. I am not sure if it can revived but it could have been a big starting point for the large scale rose production in Nepal with the seven big green house with the state of art technology embedded in its production system.

Creating the infrastructure in that scale was a big challenge for me as well as the owners of Everest Floriculture starting from the land pulling work. We visited quite a few areas including Chovar before we really settled into that Nayapati site. It is an oblong site flanked by a elevated landmass on the eastern side along the bank of Bagmati river. The actual site was a low land ideal for rice plantation with occasional flooding. The construction of the project of this nature in the low land along the flood plain was quite complicated and as it required the construction of spurs and earthen embankment to divert the water flow.

I am not an economist to elaborate on the details of it’s untimely demise, I thought it would be rather wise to talk about how a green house works. For me as I understand the green house makes it possible to control the internal ambience of the infrastructure contained there- in. The irrigation system can be a bit different with the controlled water supply as in the drip irrigation and also the injection of fertilizers can also be channeled through the same piping arrangements. The slope and internal environment of the green house plain makes it possible to create and control the overall management and growth of the plants. The ventilation system of the interior can be very tricky as there might be a requirement for a forced ventilation. The roof of the green house absorbs a lot of heat and UV rays, which needs to be regulated to a very large extent, the UV controlled plastic sheets have really revolutionized the way green house functions. And further more proper water management plays a pivotal role in the overall functions of the green house. Places like Kathmandu requires a continuous water supply arrangement through additional storage system, which can be further augmented through rain water harvesting in addition to deep tube wells. The quality of water needs a proper assessment with the provision of adequate filtrations system. The storm water management can be funneled into the water storage system so as to regulate the irrigation system of the plant.

I am writing the story of an ambitious project after it’s demise, and I strongly feel the annual production capacity of Everest Floriculture and the investment made there in and the lost opportunities on the employment generation along with the skilled manpower development are all the missed opportunities for the whole nation. I still wonder if this project can be revived but it should be learning lesson for the agro-investment in Nepal.

And lastly being an architect of the project I can vouch that we have the knowledge and experience to create infrastructures of this kind, but the skills we all entrepreneurs and professionals have should be protected by the government and utilized for the development of agro- business in Nepal.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How can you say good bye my love

Enjoy the Video

Video-Grapher/ Art Director/ Composer - Atul Bhattarai

Singer/ Song writer and Music Composer- Debesh Raj Bhattarai

Timro ra hamro bhet bha ko Dina

Sanglo pani dhamilo man kina

How can you say that

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

I love to hold your hand and say

I love you my Love

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

I love to tell you… I love to tell you

How much I….. Love you my love

तिम्रो र हाम्रो भेट भा को दिन

सङ्लो पानी धमिलो मन किन

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

How did you made your mind to….

Leave me My love

Cause I always want to say that

I love you my love

तिम्रो र हाम्रो भेट भा को दिन

सङ्लो पानी धमिलो मन किन

How can you say……

How can you say Goodbye …. Mylove

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Free Energy from Air

FREE ENERGY FROM AIR. The animation shows how we can draw
power from open circuit …… it works with the principle of induction. The two
ends of a wire loop is connected in a Battery circuit with small light bulb leaving
other two ends of the wire free as in open circuit. The moment the wire touches
the power source the bulb lights up indicating a CURRENT FLOW, ION FLOW or
ELECTRON FLOW, whatever you call it.
I can see a lot of potential of it to draw the power from the
Atmospheric AIR with its positively charge IONS and the EARTH makes a BIG BATTERY BANK, with the positively charged
Ions sitting at the higher altitude and the negative charge at the GROUND LEVEL
and a tremendous potential difference, which exists there in.
As it is obvious from this circuit, we can charge continuously
from the THIN AIR as in my WORKING MODULE. I am sure if we work further on this.
 It could have the potential to meet all
the energy demands of the future.
For me being an architect I shall have a big limitation to
take this DISCOVERY TO THE HIGHER LEVEL. I shall always have the passion, but I
might need more financial and technical resources to continue.
Hope I shall find some interesting mind for the collaboration.
The prototype of the invention and discovery is with me and I shall apply for a
PATENT pretty soon.

Follow my YouTube channel for other interesting stuff.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Rainbow Roulette for fun

This mini color games intends to immerse your mind for a while with color. The game is almost like a Roulette, but here you use your mind to guess the next strip of color which falls to the pointer.

The wheel spins for every 10 seconds and stops at some random color, the player has to guess the next strip of color as it stops.

In this animated video I have added a bit of meditational music to soothe your inner shelf. This kind of little break is what you and I deserve out of our busy schedule at times.

Playing Method:t1. First step - Blind Guess , the ranking of blind guess as I see it are as follows

All correct guess: you are a GENIUS
All seven correct guess: You are a MAGICIAN

All five correct : You are an INTELLIGENT person
Below five: All of us the common lot.

2. You can also play in a Group and Score.

3. If you are playing alone, First step is the wild guess. But ....If you want to enhance your memory power  play it again and guess. Repeat it continuously till you get it all right.

4. I have produced five sets of game to start with, there shall be further tweaking and enhancement and later on may be I shall try to make it interactive too.

Wish you GOOD LUCK..... to all the people there.

Take a break and meditate with the color wheel... as the color are the best things we have in the please our MIND continuously.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise” with #GuruDebesh

In the span of last five years as I started getting involved in a peculiar kind of exercise regime I call EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise” I must have come across more than thousand people, let me say ‘Exercise Enthusiast”. They are not a mere face for me now, those are the people who have helped me to be a mature “Guru”- who is literally inclined to change the way people think about the exercise and calories. If you take it one level up for those people who would want to cleanse their spiritual reincarnation of pseudo-mind by intersecting their daily routine to pseudo Guru’s with Mindful bliss we are there to help you.
It came to me as a big surprise when I was called to talk about “Exercise for Health” in Kantipur FM Radio talk, Kathmandu back in 2015, and of-course conversation of half an hour melted in such a colloquial  attire and I felt as if the radio jockey was my lost friend of yesteryear. The crux of the matter is we tend to deprive our body and mind with the essential pleasure a big part of our lifestyle, whenever we go around places seeking a momentary bliss for a while. We are all very versed with that multi-tasking the need of the day submerging into a momentary passion leads to a very chaotic mindset.
The need of the day is to observe a very subtle daily ritual which may lead to a eventual bliss at the end of the day. Renouncing is the thing of the past and our lifestyle demands a real change to lead, expand, mingle and control to stay at the top with a lot of mindfulness. I wonder if we all can meditate day with the same passion, while leaving aside our desire to lead. I wonder if we all can change our food habits drastically and adopt a new regime for a larger duration. The need of the day is to reinvent a style which permits almost all of our activities in moderation while avoiding junks out of our thought process.

Let’s add more energy, vitality with the vibration and resistance mindful- exercise from today. Live the life you live, meditate momentarily with the music if possible, play some instrument if you know or may try learning one it is never late. And micro-mediate with a powerful EVnR a vibration and resistance exercise. Give all the energy that you have and explore your body and mind power with the extreme vibrations and resistance exercise with #GuruDebesh.

Come and join us every morning in Kathmandu for the freshness of mind and body.

To be continued…!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Rights of Visibility in the city with the builldings we design

An Epitome of architectural expression in Kathmandu. The city abound with heritage of traditional architecture is an inspiration in itself. Our exploration of contemporary architecture style surely should create a milestone for years to come. The building is under construction.....but temporarily stalled for a while...but it must start again...!

and the story follows A story on the " #RIGHTSofVISIBILITY " in the city with the buildings we design"

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We have applied for the pattent of our designs with the local authority,large scale production of this idea needs our consent.We shall appreciate all the DIY projects for philanthropic use and funding.