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Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY 100sft Passive Solar Water Heater Innovation Pictorial Illustration

This DIY passive solar water heater innovation illustration with a roll of black pipe is meant for a novice to have a complete picture of the simplicity of the construction of this amazing simple energy solution for hot water for any kind of use.

The 100 sft DIY is compatible with 3 panel 54 sft flat plate collector which people normally use for their daily water requirement. The performance of this DIY has tested by us and it has thermal gain of nearly 40 degree Celsius. Which should get even bigger as the minimum ambient air temperature goes above 2 centigrade in Kathmandu.
We are sure this DIY Passive Solar Innovation change the way people think about energy. Foe people in the colder climate Hot water would be no more a poor man's luxury.
We also believe in the fact that the "Money we save is the money we earn". So save money and promote simple DIY's for better tomorrow.

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