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Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY Passive Solar Water Heater

Easiest passive solar heater, This DIY Solar Water Heater can be done by anyone at home, Cheapest Solar and Easiest Solar ,as easy as joining two ends of pipe, and presto!
This is an entry GE Challenge ecomagination submission video, worldwide competition for possible collaboration and funding from GE for a huge sum, it this idea wins.
It is a bare science fact, if one puts anything under the sun it gets hot, but this video illustrates to store the heat energy for future use also.
Similarly with simplicity and economy for thermal gain of more than 25 degree Celsius it can also create a big avenue for power generations through closed cycle engines.
This happens only by joining two ends of pipes to a storage point as illustrated in the video. Insulated storage point tank is optional, but it definitely enhances the utility factor.
We have also developed designs for rural areas, the collector can be made with cement mortar and brick too, but the desired inclination as in illustration has to be there. Top cover is heavy gauge plastic sheet.
This economic and light weight PVC/UPVC/HDPE solar can be installed in and around the trekking routes of Annapurna and Everest trek trail, and thousands of tourist can enjoy the hot solar shower easily without destroying the Firewood of that region, which in turn helps to retain the green, a very suitable alternative to enhance the beauty of the nature.

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