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Monday, February 27, 2012

YouTube, Blog, DIY Passive Solar Water heater Channel 100,000 views

My DIY blog is slowly getting popular it is getting maximum 50-60 viewers per day, but on the other hand my YouTube Channel debeshbhattarai’s DIY passive solar water heater is extremely popular it would be reaching 100,000 mark in few days time. So I thought of putting the very YouTube Video which catapulted my viewership to that extent. It would be crossing more than 40,000 views also in a week time. This video explains comprehensive guide on the construction of the very simple yet highly innovative DIY solar water heater. This solar water heater basically consists of a roll of a black pipe stretching as much as 56m in length. Thought we have already posted a video which takes even bigger dimension of the roll that is around 100m, but the one which we started wok in the beginning back in 2005 continued working till 2011to submit in GE ecomagination challenge as an entry should also be here for the blog to get even more popularity.

This video which is around eight minutes in length gives a very detail method of constructing first the panel of mild steel approximately 27 sq ft though it is in circular firm with a slight inclination, and insulating the panel, getting the roll fixed there and then doing the solar with the storage tank. Here in the video we have an insulated tank bought form the self but our other video which uses a barrel has the methods for insertions of the connections pipes at the upper end and at the lower end.

Basically we have not more than five different connection points two for the cold water entry to the barrel one from the water tank and one form the panel and two hot water points one from the panel and to the bathrooms. You also need one to vent. You shall have to put few other stop cocks to make an arrangement when the system get much of water bubbles because of excessive heating in the summer time, but it can also happen in winter. Where, sometime you might have your overhead tank empty and you might use the water from the storage tank into the bathroom or it might just leak at times. In that case one starts getting bubbles in the panel. That bubble will stop the movement of water and for that reason we need to have stop cocks at the lower end at the point where the barrel and the cold water entry-exit  to the tank happens. You might have to open it once in a while. You can use a pump to expel the bubbles or you can open and close that valve many times till you get a continuous flow of water. With that you will avoid having bubbles in the coil and the water heater starts functioning smoothly.

So here I am posting it again for your information the DIY passive solar heater, you can follow our YouTube channel also to get into other details of construction. Watch it and enjoy hot water bathing, you can also help people build this very simple innovation through this YouTube channel and this blog. Bye Bye. 


  1. Hi -- I'm excited to build this system in Texas, where the sun is shining bright. Do you have the instructions compiled into a PDF?

    1. You can view our YouTube Channel playlist at for a while to get little more used to our illustration through videos.... though you might find our English pronunciation little wiered. You may send me your email address and connect through our facebook page too for easier communication.
      I went through your blogs... It was pretty interesting to know your travelogue. I gathered from your profile that U are a radio journalist too... There U might help me spread this idea far and wide


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