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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

YouTube, Facebook, DIY, Green and me

For the past one year I have been finding very fascinating things happening on YouTube, As a matter of fact I came to know many countries through YouTube. The list of countries and the people who visit my channel goes beyond one hundred and thirty-eight countries which I would not be able to get through my general knowledge. May be I know few countries like lets say since I stay in Nepal, I would know Nepal, China, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh. May be I would be knowing United States one of the coveted destination of the world and there is other reason too there are more visitors from USA than any other countries, there are other countries like Mexico, Canada, Australia, say Singapore, Thailand and China but I hardly find any visitors form there but then I find some visitors from Russia too.

What is intriguing here is, I have been started being very fascinated by numbers you know and I have wondered every time I see the watch I see 11:11, 22:22 may be 6:06, 7:07 but I would never see 777 in a watch, which can happen in a movie, but then you know what I can see 11:11. But these numbers, the meaning of numbers has become so very profound in our life that we always relate ourselves with numbers. Every time I sit in the laptop I will always try to find that numbers, in my viewers. The numbers of viewers who visited my channel this particular day or a day back or how many visitors will be there tomorrow. But nevertheless these numbers are rising, I used have 200 visitors a month now it goes more than 15,000 visitors a day…!!!??? AHH AHH AHH a month. May be around 600-700 visitors everyday in my channel and form places I would never imagined to know. You know why there is a very big fundamental reason here, the passion of green, the passion of economy, the passion with DIY has become so very important to everyone in this world that everyone one wants to save money. In fact a penny you save is the penny you earn. And my DIY part of my channel is getting a real wide viewership and this has compelled me to work into many different fa├žade of architecture too.

Being an architect is a difficult job then being an architect with the passion in green is even more difficult. And you know what you do not get greener by simply thinking that you can be green by trying to implement things into your project. Where you would not spending a penny of yours you shall be spending your clients money and but then you have to be very judicious there; you cannot make mistakes. But if you are doing things on your own like I am doing in my roof top. You can see at least three, four models of my discarded items. Some of the items are really being discarded there are two units lying in my house which are simply there because I had to do it for my exhibition,  they can work as good as any other thing which is there on my roof top. And I did my 100sft DIY very recently. That number you know that big number of 100sft was also so very important. Earlier my this panel was only 27sft, then I had to get bigger, better I had to add zeros there and that zero is making 100sft.

Anyway, this is how you know… you try to put across many different numbers to work out an equation where you feel happier, you feel jubilant. Anyway I will try to put few things through the net to make this speech even more illustrative. Let see how it turns out to be, but then my passion with YouTube is not going to die soon, it is getting stronger every day. It is getting stronger every minute. This keeps me hooked onto the laptop onto my thinking onto my passion with music and green. Hope you also follow it.     

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