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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Kids Solar Water Heater

I want kids in the schools to understand the beauty of free energy of the sun, pure green energy with a simple innovative concepts like this. I am sure they shall be the big masters to promote the green for generations to come with what they easily get..! I am sure their minds may work even more innovatively. Hope it shall be a big FOOD FOR THOUGHT on green for the little ones.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Portable Solar Water Heater DIY a Green Gold

I never thought I shall bump into this. This miniature DIY solar water heater is the Green Gold, but innovation for simplicity should never end. You must try it at home and reinvent the energy bills to protect the GREEN and mother earth. This DIY solar water is made with rudimentary base of goods carrying item at construction site, a roll of clear level pipe, Styrofoam ice box for insulated container, a small plastic container of around five liter. 
I am sure green enthusiast shall take this DIY across the globe and help reduce deforestation and conserve the precious resource for future generations too... We do need to care NATURE a LOT MORE... !!! ??? 

This solar water heater is really giving amazing results...we recorded the highest temperature at 117 F, when the lowest ambient water temperature in the morning around 9am was at 57F on March 21 2012. Cheers.. which has enticed me to do more research onto this..Wish me luck...!!!! ????

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Portable DIY Solar Water Heater

An innovation aimed to reduce large scale deforestation for cooking requirement in the rural areas of the world. Our innovation deals to create potable water for daily cooking requirement at around 50-60C. This is simplest forms of DIY work, with a insulted container and solar heating element only. Our early results are astounding, no external plumbing requirements, designed in the range of 20-30 litres of hot water production to reduce the heating load to a very large extent, which automatically cuts down the energy requirement substantially.
A pure DIY work for the larger mass of the world. This can be assembled by any one with ease.
We shall post the details of construction pretty soon.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY Solar Water Heater for Apartments in Kathmandu and elsewhere

DIY passive solar has amazing capacity.... One can put it in the balconies of the Apartments too. I wonder how the roof spaces in the urban areas are getting squeezed as people get trapped in their pigeon holes of so called habitable spaces of the sky-scrappers or more precisely apartments. Just wonder how enthusiasm gets DIY green gadgets at your door steps. No more gas geyser and electric heaters for city dwellers????...Try this to say that U CARE THE MOTHER EARTH...GLOBAL WARMING..... A big menace ...How can we be aliens any more...!!!! ?????

The panoramic views of the Kathmandu city is from one of my upcoming Apartment project " Silver Valley Apartments" one of the tallest building in the Valley.

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We have applied for the pattent of our designs with the local authority,large scale production of this idea needs our consent.We shall appreciate all the DIY projects for philanthropic use and funding.