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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Portable DIY Solar Water Heater gain +50C

This should conclude our DIY Portable solar system. We added few more Styrofoam boxes cut to size around the heating element. It measures three feet both ways and height of seven inches covered with high gauge plastic at the top. The results are amazing. It has crossed above 140F, when the ambient low was at 51F. So this should be our starting point for the room heating system. We are pretty sure this miniature DIY portable solar heater shall change the way we think about energy. We have our at iCNN at and for more details please visit our blog at

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Presently working with many different type of Apartments,Commercial buildings, Housing and corporate building projects, including one on floriculture producing roses which purely relies on the sun and the soil but in an enclosed environment. 
We have applied for the pattent of our designs with the local authority,large scale production of this idea needs our consent.We shall appreciate all the DIY projects for philanthropic use and funding.