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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Solar Room Heating Solution DIY

This should be most probably the cheapest room heating solution ever innovated. As it does not use air instead uses water to heat the radiator placed inside the room, it can be much more hygienic by all standard.

The stand- alone unit has an absorber panel (patent pending in Nepal), which basically uses black pipe placed in concentric form filled with water in our innovative panel. The bottom of the panel is insulated with Styrofoam and aluminum foil, whereas the top uses plastic sheet for heat retention.

The two end of the pipe are connected to the Mild steel tank insulated on all the three sides expect in the front to serve as a radiator plate. It uses approximately 30 liters of water, which gets hot as the sun falls on the absorber plate good enough to generate 1KW output inside the room.

We have attached the performance sheet along with the video. I am sure this shall entice so many people around the globe to create one their own as a pure DIY experience.

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