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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green, YouTube and Me

Green, YouTube and Me

My passion in green as an architect could not have multiplied to that extent if I were not a YouTube addict. Initially, It all started with my mere enthusiasm of knowing what happens under the sun as we tweak and turn the very basis of our life-line carriers a mere roll of pipes. The discarded lots we only use for gardening the plants to that bit of pristine space we have elevated to the roof top (our terrace garden more precisely), because what we see under our feet is shrinking like hell. That remaining foot print of agricultural which we require for our survival is replaced by yet another necessity of cover or more appropriately the dwelling you and I occupy to dwell upon our prosperity as an architect. At times I ask myself is it that only the built up forms or city skylines we create keeps us alive and one might wonder where people will stay if we stop building a roof. But can we imagine a situation when we stop getting the supplies for our survival.

The built-up form would not occupy much space but it has the power to draw all the resources. The per-capita water requirement of the city can dry up so many wells and ground water resources and the way it pollutes the city as the river becomes the big sewer carrier is one of the dire situation of environmental degradation. If we ever to think of Kathmandu’s river lines may be we might have to forget the aquatic life forms which could have existed there few decades back.
My recent meeting to DUDBC   and newly established Kathmandu Development Authority was also a big eye opener. The lack of home work in planning parameters has already become an eye shore in the city. The recent annihilation of building in the so called setback of the road dug out from the pile of report and gadgets of the eon has created a big mess albeit I can see wider roads in the horizon few years down the line. If we compare the statistics and the infrastructure to handle such an immense task we can readily observe that our implementing agencies has not really understood the value of letting people live in the city as true city dwellers. I could have justified the mask and the ear plugs to ward off the noise and fumes of the buzzing cars but can we imagine the city residents choking for fresh year for the last few months. Here the government should justify the encroachment on pedestrians’ right for fresh air as they walk on the metal.

The failure of addressing the vital issues of staying green and healthy has become a far cry in the world arena also. The recent absence of the world leaders like America, Britain, Russia and Germany in Rio 2012 signifies that the leaders of the greater world want to stay away from green by defending the machines which depletes the green but not by defending the living earth from destruction. The demands of consumable items and lifestyle of an ordinary citizen has become so very profound in the developed world that we in the third-world have become a muck spectator suffering largely the brunt of depleting bio-sphere. The instance of large scale natural calamities in the South Asia and most part of Africa is the outcome of the sheer negligence on the imminent catastrophe the small fraction of the world population has created but a significantly large mass of population has to endure.
These instance should give a green enthusiast in the third world to be proactive to create low cost innovation to mitigate the destruction of the mother earth form their level as far as practicable. I do not know if I can claim that green enthusiast title or not but the way My channel has been getting viewership has compelled me to think twice. In a span of nearly 20 months I have been able to cross that magical 100,000 mark and we are at 167,000 viewership with average view of nearly 600 per day, seen across 142 countries world-wide.
Our DIY (do it yourself) portable innovation deals with a roll of black pipe with only two joints for the heating system. And our portable DIY solar covered at CNNi report and aired on CNN worldwide on the last week of April on the Road to Rio is the epitome of how an innovation of solar heating can become as easy as this. Our small effort should help to generate immense interest to all the green enthusiast around the world to contribute on their part.

Our low cost DIY (Do it yourself)  solar water heating innovation can be viewed at or at CNNi report at
The channel view crossed 200,000 mark as of 16 Oct 2012...!

And if you ask me now on 26th Sept 2014  it is over 477,000.... Cheers to all green enthusiast around the globe. We all have to let the earth and we breathe naturally.... DO NOT TAKE MY FRESH AIR AWAY...!

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