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Friday, March 22, 2013

Billion Dollar Question answered with EVnR

Consumer in every part of the world spend billions on fat rich instant diets at one end and the health care adds more billions on health and fat management on other end. Web and mobile addiction glues everyone to that little screen making one literally immobile. Staying fit.. a true menace technically comes in the lesser priority application if I have to use the more colloquial language. 

The emergence of so called high end jargon.. "MANIA".. should make everyone to think on the development of efficient FAT management exercise, which (FAT) is the root cause of all the health evils. Our small effort on fitness with extreme EVnR (Extreme Vibration and Resitance Exercise) is a high end FAT GUZZLER application for your body for FAT MANAGEMENT if you want me to use the CODE language.

Here in this blog, We are putting few series clips of extreme fat burning tips and shakes with EVnR " A powerful tool to freshen your mind and body" . I have been training some of friends and their friends, neighbors and couple of strangers who happen to pass through the small park next to my door steps every the morning with this unusual routine of Extreme Fat Burning Fitness exercise... I call it EVnR. 

The idea here is to power vibrate every part of body to extreme while exerting a lot of effort. One hardly moves much here, but the extreme shake conditions body to extreme fitness. The rhythmic movements looks some kind of cosmic manifestation of the body movement...I can not call it a dance it is beyond the boundary of the dance form I know.  All of my students love a bit of music  I composed  to avoid the surrounding distraction and follow a mindfulness Rhythm of EVnR.

I believe the cosmic power within everyone of us has the ability to refresh our mind and body to stay healthy and fit. Explore the power within you with Mindfulness with EVnR... then you all shall have the power to answer that BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION on health and fat management including Obesity.... a global epidemic in few years time.
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