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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Forget the GYM join us in Kathmandu

Your journey to flatten your stomach STARTS form here..with passionate EV exercise, shake, vibrate and tone up your body...!
My passionate pupils... with the RESULTS and ANTICIPATION..!

The first shot of one of my trainee on the extreme vibration exercise, He travels nearly 16 km to reach us at Baneswor Height for morning fresh air and fitness exercise. The YouTube Posting, my small speech in Kathmandu Rotary on weight and fat management with real Demo performed by ME and ANIL  some two months back and our Facebook page the has been able to build a small group of fan base around the world.

Our motto " We help U to shape your body with EV " Extreme Shake and Vibration exercise", Join us in Kathmandu.

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Professional Architect,ardent supporter of innovative and indigenous low cost green technology for the benefit of the common man. 

Presently working with many different type of Apartments,Commercial buildings, Housing and corporate building projects, including one on floriculture producing roses which purely relies on the sun and the soil but in an enclosed environment. 
We have applied for the pattent of our designs with the local authority,large scale production of this idea needs our consent.We shall appreciate all the DIY projects for philanthropic use and funding.