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Friday, August 29, 2014


The joy of your morning should start with EVnR.. a powerful tool to freshen your and body.

How about giving a small chunk of your time to MINDFULNESS WITH EVnR;  EVnR a powerful tool to freshen your mind and body. Mindfulness with EVnR explores your own mind and body power with resistance and vibration exercise. The concentration and willpower in Mindfulness with EVnR shall be able to trigger ones mind to achieve the desired result to stay fit and healthy in few sessions.  This is not at all cumbersome, you are neither lifting any weights nor doing any strenuous moves of many of the usual workouts, which may harm one’s strength at the end of the day. Mindfulness with EVnR increases the endurance level of body and mind with very clever and subtle movements of the whole body with extreme vibration and resistance.

The joy and excitement to tame your mind and body every morning for a mere half an hour with Mindfulness with EVnR shall rejuvenate your self-esteem throughout the day. The simplicity and the economy of movement of this  Mindfulness with EVnR can be really amazing. Mindfulness with EVnR is a sheer innovation on exercise for people who always distance themselves from the spiritual content of many of the rituals of fitness. The spiritual content in the art form of many rituals of fitness might elate the happiness index, but as the time stretches majorities simply forgo, albeit a handful get completely engrossed. The hordes simply disappear and the handful who embrace it transform themselves into pseudo re-incarnation.

There are numerous ways to stay fit and healthy. The morning walk, light jogging,  gym at the corner of your street, Zumba Dance and aerobics on your doorstep are very interesting places at a glance for some time. Our ability to gauge an event with the early results of few sessions literally starves our mind off the healthy habits as fitness index simply does not expand and shoot in no time. For people over certain age say over forty the endurance level really needs more time to get visibly powerful. Most of us find it quite boring after few session in any of these rituals and workouts as the efforts and extra hours we spent does not give enterprising results.

Many a times I wonder how rude we have become with our mind and body as we get immersed with more meeting, schedules, appointments, office works and the list goes on. Have you ever thought of giving priorities to fundamental aspects of healthy living. I can guess you must have started it many times and should have left it in the middle of any sessions as you are used to clicks in your mobile and laptops for instant gratification, but  they do not give the result you desire. Our tendency to expect more with little effort is the cause of so many people running away from these sweet session..... I would love to call them

I can vouch that you never need to walk away from these troubles, lf we have the opportunities. Mindfulness with EVnR shall give that little  joy you need to stay fitter with moderate efforts. It is a little more than morning walk as we really start Mindfulness with EVnR with a brief short walk of fifteen minutes. The rest of the event which last for a mere 30 minute requires a lot of concentration and will power. The students are requested to explore their own strength and body power and endurance with extreme vibration and resistance exercise. It is almost like mediating your mind to get that extra strength one requires to stay fit and healthy.

We do it every morning in Kathmandu with GURU Debesh….Come and join us every morning in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nostalgia, your waistline and EVnR

Nostalgia, your waistline and EVnR

My neighborhood has never failed to fascinate me, especially the small park which is right across my door. I wonder at times why it used to look so big, bigger than the Tundikhel; when I was small boy. I still remember in one of those days we even thought of comparing measurements, but to our big dismay we found it to be too small. It was a small surprise back then as that age invites one to believe their tiny world larger than the rest of the world. Alas, the pace of development has really shrunk its size, it looks barren and even desolate with very little green grass and that road, which veers around is a big disaster. Back then we rarely used to see any vehicle except few bicycles zipping through the park.

Driving down the memory lane  Baghete ko Ball. Dandi Bio and whatever little games we could invent was a much bigger solace attracting quite a number of kids and seniors too in that small park, a public open space, a rare commodity at this juncture. The good part of the story was every one used to come on foot. Public transport was almost invisible and they were mostly meant to commute to Sahar (city) only and we all lucky people used to pace few miles every-day. I vividly remember gazing parachute jumpers falling through that big green Military Sky-van across Kapan from our Chaur (park) and us trying to knot kites a mile away without any visible obstruction.

In a flash everything vanished, open spaces and the trees are no longer there. The sporadic growth of household has uprooted things upside down albeit the nascent demolition of houses along the road may have accrued a little more space. The echo of Ghantaghar (Tower Bell), the scary bang of Tope (Cannon) has been replaced by a constant murmur of cars, water pumps and one would not be surprised to note the inflatable noise getting larger every-day with the small screens, chitter- chatter bouncing from every corner. The transition has become almost unbearable it seems; the neighborhood looks bleak and strange, with all the city dwellers becoming a mere face in the big crowd.

In a retrospect if I start putting things in chronological order; My grandfather used to walk 10 kilometer everyday to reach school; My father must have walked around four kilometers; I must have been merrier by pacing not more than a kilometer, but my son gets his bus right on the door step. To add more I can still recall one towering figure our Compounder BAA “uncle” always perched on his bicycle with his medical kit attending patients almost anywhere in the city back then.  Gone are the days when people used to measure their daily destinations with footsteps. Unfortunately everyone is slowly turning into couch potatoes with the entire world shrinking to

their mobile. That day is very near when the  public spaces would be deserted as technology gobbles us inside out  with our head getting larger than our body but our conscience telling us to run to be more active, energetic and what not without inching any steps.
No one would be surprised to note how wise we have become over the benefit of good health with all the TV channels zooming tremendous volume of big ideas in the small screen and we scouring information through the digital media. We are surely getting digitally wise with everyone knowing the list of do and don’ts for food habits, exercise regime and so many other Paraphernalia. It is as good as learning to swim without even going to the pool. It seems we all have the desire and the knowledge to be healthier, but do we have an access to affordable fitness schedule. Here I should mention the recent launching of “Free for all open gym” being launched in Brazil with the government funding billions of dollars. The economic prosperity in a country like Brazil has created enough rich people with a significantly large number of poor lots a jumble of virtual machines with limited access to better health and fitness.

In most part of the world the access to better fitness activity has a direct bearing with the economic prosperity of an individual, the air- conditioned gym, Zumba dance bars and the golf clubs are frequented mostly by elites. The deprived section is always poor, and unfortunately the poor have started becoming more obese because of the sedentary life style. The kind of hours spent on traveling gets enormously large as the distance between work and home gets bigger depriving people of the precious time to rest and sleep resulting into more health related ailments including obesity.

The story never ends for many of us, we walk, we jog, we work a lot, we travel, we fly, we party and have definitely become smarter but at the end of the day when we come back home to reflect upon the day’s events, most of us will notice succumbing to the negative side of the fitness index. It seems we all have fallen prey to the daily jargon of unhealthy life style of today’s world. My story of the laziness and the sedentary life also unfolds in the same way, where I should mention couple of events which has given me enough inspiration and may be an enlightenment to get out of the box. I should be thankful to that very Milk man, who literally teased and complained me that silly morning. He must have observed me for a couple of months on my jogging track with pushups and parallel bars. I simply became poor as he started pouring his unhappiness over me; or might be it was his frustration too to see me bloating in-spite of my herculean effort and sweating. I simply became helpless with no words left to retaliate against that wise milk man as my physique simply refused to shrink. May be it is just the same with the majority whose bellies always tease them as they reach their middle age.

To my big surprise I wonder why on earth I have my office at home, when everyone moves away to city to work. May be it is just that I have claimed to be savvier on technology or the work has moved to my small home office with the virtual meetings, discussion, queries and so on. My sluggish approach to shift work away from my home could have given me a real big surprise, but not in architectural profession which you would have loved to see. It is an innovation or more aptly an art on the exercise form, which I call EVnR (Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise), a powerful tool to freshen your mind and body, with a substantially large following.

EVnR is a sheer innovation on the art of efficient exercise which accentuates the overall body movement to next level of fitness with the rhythmic vibrations and resitance. The subtle movement of the entire body in the erect posture enhances the entire body fluid movement and rejuvenates every cells within the body with added oxygen flow through blood circulations. The vibrations and resistance adds extra gravity on to the bodily movement, stimulate pancreas to generate enough insulin to maintain and eliminate deposition of extra fat from the waistline. 

EVnR enhances the muscle density by rapid movement and relieves the body cell off its toxicity by extreme sweating. All of my students who are embracing EVnR with me are really benefitting in all aspects of healthy life including the fitness of mind and body. EVnR is slowly becoming a new form social congregation in my neighborhood. The desolate park right across my door step has transformed into vibrant, lively and happening place every morning with a mix of teens, elderly joining the passionate rhythmic movements of EVnR. Come and join us at Baneswor, Kathmandu and help spread this art of exercise far and wide.

Author: Debesh Raj Bhattarai an architect by profession and Innovator Guru of EVnR can be reached at or at

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Architecture speaks its own language

Contemporary Nepalese Architecture...The architecture of place should evolve into new dimension with  time....Otherwise we architects may cease to exist....!!!!
 This is one of the design vocabulary I explored in this design with curve linear form which somewhat merges with the background blue sky many a times ...and I strongly feel it may have induced some kind of ripple in the evolution of contemporary architecture in Nepal.
And about the BALCONY DANCE....
It must have been coincidence or may be camera angle and the shots which some how made the balcony dance with its own whimsical rhythm.... a profound music in the making.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rejoice EVnR for your good health in Kathmandu

I am Debesh Raj Bhattari, an architect by profession, a green enthusiast and fitness GURU. I believe a city gets healthier by our cumulative effort, not simply by the infrastructure that one enjoys by simply being in the city.
 In the third world places like Kathmandu, people join you in hordes if one has the ability to create that extra AWE FACTOR.  It is really surprising for me to note that AWE FACTOR in my EVnR as it has expanded to few hundred trainees from a solitary me a year and half back since December 2012.   I have been trying to promote a healthy living through a very powerful and effective vibration and resistance exercise… I call IT EVnR…. A sheer innovation for your fitness index.
If one is born in a poor country, their chances of getting healthier really gets undermined as the access to free healthcare gets very limited. The rural areas has its woes for healthcare, whereas the metropolis like Kathmandu does not fare high on fitness facility index either.  And here If I have to describe about the health care and more aptly if I have to convince that Kathmandu is healthy, My straight answer would be “NO…NOOO…!
Majorities have a very limited choice for exercising; and the short distance people may walk to reach the final destination for work does not give that significant impact on well being. The evening and the morning hours gets spent on the household work , albeit a small minority find it convenient to walk or jog in the morning. Our dependency with carbohydrate and fat is adding significant negative points to our fitness index with diabetes, increased blood pressure and heart problems.
To remove more feathers from our fitness and wellness index, the recent  influx of mobile and web mania  is slowly making  life sedentary every next day. People are virtually becoming immobile with the bikes, cars and public transport facilities. The private gyms are almost unaffordable and the free gym facility is almost redundant. And the limited facility that we have is still a very uncomfortable choice, as people are not used to that kind of lifestyle.
My approach of making EvnR a social event is  slowly getting a wider acceptance. EvnR is an exercise which uses a lot of resistance along with the whole body vibrations. It is free and we have people from teens to  people above 65 with housewives, grandmothers, boys and middle aged people vibrating their body rhythmically every morning in Baneswor, Kathmandu. And my two small stints in Gurgoan, Delhi, India on the park goers request also attracted a large crowd. I should be thankful to them as well.

EvnR … Extreme Vibration and resistance is powerful tool to freshen your mind and body, come and join us every morning in Kathmandu at 6.15 am for just 40 minutes. Cheers and have a good day.

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