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Friday, August 29, 2014


The joy of your morning should start with EVnR.. a powerful tool to freshen your and body.

How about giving a small chunk of your time to MINDFULNESS WITH EVnR;  EVnR a powerful tool to freshen your mind and body. Mindfulness with EVnR explores your own mind and body power with resistance and vibration exercise. The concentration and willpower in Mindfulness with EVnR shall be able to trigger ones mind to achieve the desired result to stay fit and healthy in few sessions.  This is not at all cumbersome, you are neither lifting any weights nor doing any strenuous moves of many of the usual workouts, which may harm one’s strength at the end of the day. Mindfulness with EVnR increases the endurance level of body and mind with very clever and subtle movements of the whole body with extreme vibration and resistance.

The joy and excitement to tame your mind and body every morning for a mere half an hour with Mindfulness with EVnR shall rejuvenate your self-esteem throughout the day. The simplicity and the economy of movement of this  Mindfulness with EVnR can be really amazing. Mindfulness with EVnR is a sheer innovation on exercise for people who always distance themselves from the spiritual content of many of the rituals of fitness. The spiritual content in the art form of many rituals of fitness might elate the happiness index, but as the time stretches majorities simply forgo, albeit a handful get completely engrossed. The hordes simply disappear and the handful who embrace it transform themselves into pseudo re-incarnation.

There are numerous ways to stay fit and healthy. The morning walk, light jogging,  gym at the corner of your street, Zumba Dance and aerobics on your doorstep are very interesting places at a glance for some time. Our ability to gauge an event with the early results of few sessions literally starves our mind off the healthy habits as fitness index simply does not expand and shoot in no time. For people over certain age say over forty the endurance level really needs more time to get visibly powerful. Most of us find it quite boring after few session in any of these rituals and workouts as the efforts and extra hours we spent does not give enterprising results.

Many a times I wonder how rude we have become with our mind and body as we get immersed with more meeting, schedules, appointments, office works and the list goes on. Have you ever thought of giving priorities to fundamental aspects of healthy living. I can guess you must have started it many times and should have left it in the middle of any sessions as you are used to clicks in your mobile and laptops for instant gratification, but  they do not give the result you desire. Our tendency to expect more with little effort is the cause of so many people running away from these sweet session..... I would love to call them

I can vouch that you never need to walk away from these troubles, lf we have the opportunities. Mindfulness with EVnR shall give that little  joy you need to stay fitter with moderate efforts. It is a little more than morning walk as we really start Mindfulness with EVnR with a brief short walk of fifteen minutes. The rest of the event which last for a mere 30 minute requires a lot of concentration and will power. The students are requested to explore their own strength and body power and endurance with extreme vibration and resistance exercise. It is almost like mediating your mind to get that extra strength one requires to stay fit and healthy.

We do it every morning in Kathmandu with GURU Debesh….Come and join us every morning in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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