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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do I look Good

The story never ends, , we work, we travel, we fly, we party, we dance , we socialize and also most all of us must have always noticed the way we get smart and wise every next hour; but at the end of the day when we come back home to reflect upon the day’s events, we simply forget to realize the miserable look we build look as we age...!

It seems we all have fallen prey to the way we build our story every next day. My story of the laziness and the sedentary life also unfolds in the same way, where I should mention couple of events which has given me enough inspiration and may be an enlightenment to get out of the box through EVnR.

I should be grateful to that very Milk man, who literally teased and complained me that silly morning.....!!!....???? He must have observed me for a couple of months on my jogging track with my daily pushups and parallel bars. I simply became poor as he started pouring his unhappiness over me.......!!!....????; or it might be it was his frustration too to see me bloating in-spite of my herculean effort and sweating.

I simply became helpless with no words left to retaliate against that wise milk man as my physique simply refused to shrink....!!!...??? May be it is same with the majority of us…..whose BELLIES ALWAYS TEASE THEM as they reach their middle age. But I should be very fortunate to build my little story on EVnR (Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise)…….a powerful tool to freshen your mind and body.

Do I need to say more, the picture speaks… we have a become a large group of fitness enthusiast in our area by now… with plus 100 people as my trainees.

How on earth people have started noticing me as a fitness instructor and a social worker now…… It must have been quite silly for me to start it back then. Being a professional and practicing architect now I am convinced to think …. “The Image we build through our body architecture is more powerful than the real architecture we see through the built-up surrounds” …!

You can see my small clip at
EVnR slims

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