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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Musical encounter Guitar and Sarangi

This is a traditional music instrument called Sarangi... Very popular in Nepal. I was trying to accompany with my guitar... May be I need to sit with in his next visit. They are called GANDHARBA's who go around and sing for their livelihood. He is regular visitor in my place, but was absent for nearly four months.

 I give a little reward and a piece of wearable whenever he comes. It was indeed a pleasure meeting him whenever he comes....! Until next time with Sumsher Sarangi companion..!

Traditional music of Nepal played and preserved by Gandharvas...a lifestyle so very endowed and rich..we ought to support the tribe to preserve..Samsher Gandharba appears every three months and plays a small peice for a small reward. I urge every one to support a culture from their ends before it vanishes ....!!!

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