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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Road eats the building

Road expansion and retrofitting.... I simply cross my fingers when I see many other building in Kathmandu where proper methods are not followed ... where the owners are simply ignorant.... or they lack the drive and funds to manage the remains of their precious possessions. An example of renovation and reconstruction with proper assessment on retrofitting design.... where we are involved.

Allow me to post a DIRE PICTURE of one building at DIllibazar as I happen to pass through....  here the picture speaks...this reminds me of our venerability on the road...when the DISASTER STRIKES...! May god bless we all unfortunate pedestrians in Kathmandu, who may pass through this section of the road.

The height of ignorance on retrofit construction, I wonder if the structural systems can be treated as scafolds... by putting them wherever one wishes... Good save the building and people who shall eventually reside there.

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