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Saturday, October 4, 2014


This is a little story of a tree, who really fought to survive. My father puts the story to everyone and I found it as an opportunity to put it in YouTube. 
You would not believe this. This is a true story of a Guava tree which has been there in our little garden for the last so many years. My father was having a different opinion about this tree since last four years as it started growing sick with a kind of tiny blackish tar like insects everywhere in its leaves. He was not sure if he could retain it for long and he almost decided to chop it down and plant a new one. 
But this morning Oct 04 2014 and in fact this season everything STARTED to CHANGE slowly it seems . Suddenly the leaves and entire tree got insects free it seems it got healthy once more. And this season again it started producing very nice Guava as in its early days. 
This video explains the story of this tree. This particular Guava in the picture measures around 150 grams and it has no stains of sickness and the tar like insects in its leaves are no more there this seasons.
My father a product of Startchclyde University, Scotland, United Kingdom, firmly believes that the trees also have EYES AND EARS. It also has the FEELING, it feels the PAIN, gets ANNOYED and gets HAPPY AND SAD too. He thinks the Guava tree must have been very sad as he put this nasty remark of chopping it down early this season, and now to everyone’s surprise the tree really resisted the disease and fought back to survive to its GLORY DAYS.

For all the local viewers the longer version in Nepali language

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