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Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Consumer in every part of the world spend billions on fat rich instant diets at one end and the health care adds more billions on health and fat management at the other end. Web and mobile addiction glues everyone to that little screen making one literally immobile. Staying fit, a true menace technically comes in the lesser priority application for many of us if I have to use the more colloquial language.

The emergence of so called high end jargon.. "MANIA"….. should compel everyone to think on the development of an efficient FAT management exercise.FAT is the root cause of all the health evils. Our small effort and innovation on fitness with unique Extreme Vibration and resistance movement exercise (EVnR) is high end fat GUZZLER application for FAT MANAGEMENT is a big pleasure while vibrating  your body with enough resistance as an EVnR MOVEMENT.

The idea here is to POWER VIBRATE every part of body to extreme while exerting a lot of effort. One hardly moves much here, but the EXTREME VIBRATOION RESITENCE MOVEMENT (EVnR) shake conditions body to extreme fitness.

The rhythmic movements look some kind of art form too. It is always wise to have soft  music to avoid surrounding distraction and follow a pattern of body MOVEMENT.


I am Debesh raj Bhattarai, professional ARCHITECT from IIT (UOR), Roorkee, India, practicing in Kathmandu with a modest firm.I am sure Extreme Vibration and Exercise (EVnR shall eventually become a highly efficient art of exercise to  eliminate the OBESITY.

EVnR  started with my desire for an efficient morning workout, People find it convenient to walk or do a light jogging for morning freshness, but walking or light jogging can never eliminate that pot belly, reducing other flab from the body is a distant dream. Our unique exercise has proven very efficient way to tone up the body and the waistline with added freshness of mind.

EVnR has all the benefits one desires to maintain a good health, with very high reduction of fats, elimination of pot belly with added benefit of freshness of the mind and body.
THE FUN WITH EVnR brings you closer to NATURE

The uniqueness of this exercise is that it is performed in a group outdoors to reduce our dependency with the machines, which helps us getting CLOSER to NATURE.

EVnR has the power to reduce fat content of the body by eliminating pot belly and managing the waistline. EVnR helps release toxicity from different parts of the body by extreme sweating. Extreme Vibration stimulates pancreas to control and manage the excess sugar level of the body, which otherwise sticks as a fat depositionin the waistline. EVnR enhances the efficiency of the overall fluid movement of the body including blood circulations and helps the vital OXYGEN supply to every cells of the body and controls toxicity to a very large extent.


In EVnR model of exercise, we never ask our trainees to starve, go vegan or go for dieting. We always promote people to stay healthy by eating normal diet and by avoiding junk food. We do not mind occasional drinks or few pints of beer, but we tell our people to kill the calories by embracing EVnR , Which has a the right ingredient to control and manage the fitness efficiently in a very short time if performed regularly.

EVnR does not have any strings attached with RELIGION, we simply get religious with our body by staying healthy with fresh mind and body.


Brisk Walking of                  10 minutes
 Warm up, EVnR main movement, Front, Back, Front and Back
     Side Movement, Parallel movement, Neck Movement, Stretch
and finally EVnR RapidMovement.

Total time- 27 minutes

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