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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Micro Meditation with EVnR Stretch

Being an architect, I had trouble finding a right meditation pattern for my soul. Though I wonder if I have a bit of religious inclination, but I feel my work is my god and if I have to be very frank I may call my laptop is my god or may it is my drawing board or if I move a bit away from there I may find god simply lingering at my sites in the buildings I design. May be it is true because from the buildings I have designed I can literally perch on one of the highest point we have been able to build in Kathmandu . And from there the very God I may adore one day get real close to me... as all temples in the vicinity bounce off my frame.

My attempt to practice real mediation could have been a big fiasco if I had not found that mindfulness approach to really dig into mindful stretching of EVnR sessions. In Extreme Vibrations and resistance exercise( EvnR) training to my students every morning I realized I had to put that BUZZ part to drive their mind, body and spirit closer to their soul as they get engrossed into their physic with extreme vibration. And I help them drive their best body postures with extreme stretching of the entire body, they may feel their hand stretching to touch the sky and their feet on toes levitating off the ground.
The extreme stretching with deep breathing and holding it for not less than 20 secs... relaxes your mind and stretches your own body power to extremes. The Micro meditation of EVnR is for the people who really love to work like a GEEK... put me also there. This EVnR explores your own body power to tone it into the shape you desire to stay fitter every day. 
You can do quick 3 minutes of this mediation when ever you loose concentration to work....a new tool for mindfulness to refresh your mind and body.

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