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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy mother’s day

This morning as I woke up I could sense that heaviness in my mind and I started to wonder why it is different than the rest of the morning I can remember. May be it was because of the call which made me crawl out of the slumber or…..!!!  I was kind of confused and it is one of the Saturday’s where I really need to take a break from my daily rituals of EVnR with my trainees out in the park. This EVnR sometime’s get in my nerves as it has made me jump out of the bed since last two years. But all the days before that since my IIT Roorkee time I should say I failed to put the equation of Sun rising from the east, as it used to be high up in the sky.
May be it was because of the small YouTube Video my daughter dropped in my Viber. The small clip of two minutes could narrate the big story of her mom on the mother’s day, that it is today. The story she clumped together with small clips can narrate the big picture of a toddler getting mature enough to portray her mom. But there I could see the missing person of the story of my own mother. I literally got shattered as I noticed my own mother, she is no more. The clip with that small track in Hindi “dehleez pe mere dil ki - “ and her own video was so powerful that I could not stop crying. It has been almost ten months since I have started to live in her absence .
God how the world you and I perceive changes in no time, if we simply start to think of all the dear ones we tend to lose as we age. … and if it happens to be your mother and it simply becomes unbearable, but how we slowly adopt to live with our memories. But I can not remember my mother getting old as I always used to be that small boy kneeling before her in her presence and to think of herself getting frail with metastatic cancer made the whole world upside down. Imagine myself squeezing into  an ambulance with my mother to BLK hospital form the Delhi airport really crumbled me into pieces and the journey back home was even more painful. And how these heartbreaking news shatters us all the time, and how people make a somber announcement of loosing there dearest one, and I am really sorry to recall a friend of mine TP, who lost his mom few days back, the bravest mom an idol by the virtue, my deepest condolences. And poor me how I advised him to be brave enough to lead a life in her absence.
To my surprise the evening became little more comfortable with the Kids of SANO SANSAR as they wanted to offer their gratitude to their mom by planting flowers in the community park, where I happened to be the chief guest.
And their poster reads “ Dedicated to all the beautiful and wonderful moms”… a true gesture to relive the bond  of a loving and caring mother. Now I feel that I did really offer my deepest gratitude with these beautiful girls of SANO SANAR with their offering of flowering plants. Suddenly I could feel that my compassionate mother and the bond she nurtured in me though I returned with a big emptiness in my mind. A sad day for me though but she was always wonderful.
My salute to all the beautiful, loving and caring mothers of the world, and also to my mother who is with me all the time in my all sweetest and pleasant memory.

 Happy mother’s day.

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