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Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

The Essentials running out in no time, these pictures makes a very grim story here. This house has been blown like this with two massive quakes of 7.9 and 6.8 Richter scale Earthquake.
Store of essential during earthquake, We have been going through a very massive 7.9 Richter scale earthquake which has a very sad experience of a life time,
God…how we ran through this spaces within my house to reach outside in the open when that  7.9 Richter scale earthquake struck in Kathmandu Valley. ..It was almost like a hurricane in the middle of the sea.
As it settled our people jumbled up in the open spaces and in the car, waiting for the big one to come, hope it never happens... but it did the second one of 6.9 Richter scale earthquake happened and I was in the 7th floor of a building I designed for damage inspection. I can not imagine how I clinged to the pillar for a good 40 seconds... and desperately ran down all floors to reach out it open to safety.... as it settled.
Walls torn apart, desperation... the desperation in this scale is still incomprehensible to me.

God I do not know If I would be able to think it even in my dreams...the 7.9 Richter scale earthquake is an experience for a life time.

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