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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Slimming meditation and EVnR my story

I do not know if I have to really record this video, I thought of putting it in YouTube... the narration of EVnR "Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise"  since long… since last couple of weeks, but I was not finding time, but today I thought.. at least I thought I try to put some of my little story of EVnR.
EVnR is an innovation on exercise form, it is an art of exercise. It is very simple, it is for all the GEEKS and for all the people who literally have no time to walk  miles and spend two hours every morning for that little..little thing you have in your belly and your body, that little FAT.

You know it so happens that "your three kg of your fat is as good as thirty percent increment of your body size" . So… what you really need to do is LOOSE is THE FAT and loosing FAT can happen very easily with something like EVnR…. EVnR.

If you want to know what I did not do for ..for nearly ten years. Every morning I used run, jog and do parallel bars you would know what not. But I never tried doing meditation as I find meditation is for the spiritual manifestation of your mind. May be it can trigger your mind set, so I had to find something to really boost my image and decrease my TUMMY.

My professional life compels me to have quite a few episodes of meetings, quite of pegs of WHISKY, quite a few glasses of BEER and quite a few parties and so I tend to add a lot of weight, but how you take it away from you….!!!!....???? VERY EASILY ….!

I had to find a very innovative form of EXERCISE, and one fine day I thought of that little  CATERPILLAR, and wondered how it WALKS. If you closely see it literally CRAWLS. I do not know if you do… say CRWALING your feet to cover a distance of say ten feet…. When you will literally move your feet nearly one hundred times to get from zero to ten feet.


CRAWL of a CATTERPILLAR and then I added that strength in the body in MY posture... in my hand and feet movement .....and my entire body posture. With of lot of effort in the body movements and with the vibrations added ..... innovated this EVnR. We do it every morning for just thirty minutes with ten minutes walk to warm of your mind and body.

And this thirty minutes of EVnR is good enough to get rid of your tummy, you lose five to ten kg of  it. ...whatever as you want and my LAZIEST STUDENTS are losing ten kg in a year. There are some students who are losing FIVE KG IN THREE MONTHS. It is how vigorously you do this or how LAZY you become in this EVnR shall compel you to lose that ten kg in one year. But if you are very serious you would lose that TEN KG IN SIX MONTHS.

Loosing ten kg in six months is not a FUN, it is an innovation on exercise.  On exercise I added this little meditation at the end of EVnR workout “STRETCH MEDITATION” which you can find in my YouTube Channel and you know if you want to follow me.

Your Fat is the Killer, that does not mean that you should be skinny. But this EVnR converts your FAT into MUSCLES and you LOSE WEIGHT. You lose your fat that means… if you lose some three kg of your FAT, that means you will be loosing some thirty percent of your body mass.

Come and join us for EVnR every morning in Kathmandu and follow my pictures, graphical illustration to understand more about EVnR. More to come through my channel, Bye for Now.

EVnR is the extreme vibration and resistance exercise innovated by me GURU Debesh. EVnR freshens your mind and body come and join us.

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