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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kathmandu Tour after #NepalEarthquake 2015

It was a catastrophic event, the loss of life and property in two days is almost 9 to 50% of Nepal GDP. It shall take years to rebuild, and we shall require a massive aid from the well wishers and the rich countries and people around the world. The fear of the earthquake is partly gone, but it needs time for normalcy. In the city of Kathmandu, the damage is not that severe and it is there in isolated pockets. It mostly shear failure, where the building fails because of the short column and weak lower level. But some area soil gave way and the building failed. But at large the old buildings and weak buildings failed and unfortunately our precious heritage simply crumbled into dust. On the brighter side, In Kathmandu almost 99% of the buildings seems to be intact, but they have been damaged but not failed and developed cracks, and mostly limited to non structural elements. Now it is high for Nepalese Engineering and architectural community to rise above and educate people to relieve the fear of going back to their properties. We might need a large numbers expert community also form around the globe. This is a complied clip of a tour of the city and the drive of some 20 kilometers from Kathmandu towards the edge of Banepa on Arniko Highway. Unfortunately in the Banepa lies Sankhu, which has been severely affected , which I could not cover in the Video, it s only the drive through the highway. While writing this also there was noticeable shake of around 4.5 – 5 ritcher scale. Bye for now till we meet again in the new episode.

We must have been fortunate the extent of the visible damage in this part of Kathmandu in video of 28 minutes almost nil...this can give a little sigh of relief.But in the larger context this #Nepal Earthquake 2015 has wiped out so many parts of the rural areas and also in the core cities. The historic sites are in a dire strait, Was it a demon rising... and I wonder how the mother earth can be so cruel ... !!!...???? My prayers to all the departed soul, and to the ones who have survived all still in a big trauma... !
Both the tours were conducted on April 28 2015.... in the first half and second half of Tuesday.

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