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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Biggest Shake ever Nepal Earthquake 2015

This is how Kathmandu shook that fateful day April 25 2015.... an EQ of 7.9- 8.1 RS, the trauma always remains, but the life has to go on... We all shall learn to live with the memory slowly I feel.... !
This footage was originally published by I took the liberty to translate the clip in English with a little bit of description about the place and the situations. It was the darkest day after nearly 80 years. This day wiped out our precious heritage in matter of seconds in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares.  It shall take years to rebuild, the death toll has already crossed 10,000 with 500,000 house destroyed, and 8 million people affected. Some areas in Dolkha, Burpak, Sindupalchowk, Langtang has been simply wiped out from the map and few houses in Kathmandu Valley has collapsed, but the houses in Gongabu, Balaju, Ramkot, Sankhu has been severely affected.
This Clip shoes an intersection at Aasan Dabali in Kathmandu one of the busiest place. The day was Saturday around noon thus the footfall was not quite dense. I am putting a part of the clip around 1.20 seconds to remind everyone, how the earth shakes when it becomes as large as 7,9-8.1 RS, which is 260,000 times larger than the one small tremor which happened in Kent, England around 4.2 RS few days back.
The Quake made Kathmandu Shift by around 10 feet, and the sway in east west was around 3.5 second lag, and north south around 5 second lag. It had an 0.2 acceleration which is how they shook a building in Lab for seismic resistance of one scaled model of one 30 story building  in China.
The quake was so very powerful my feet still trembles nearly a month later today. We had more than six shakes of plus 6 RS magnitude in a period of two weeks and one 7.4 RS of May 12 literally petrified everyone in town.
Hope The God becomes merciful to all of us here in Kathmandu… ! We have been shattered like anything, Hope it cools down and we begin a normal life soon.

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