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Saturday, December 19, 2015

How do you read someone’s Facebook

Before I get any further spelling checker in my word does not even realize the Facebook exist, as it underlines the word. So for my computer the years it has endured through so many clicks, if and but on my instinct to avoid the very Facebook every other time while jumping between programs could have trickled a bit of trespassing foray. Or may be I forgot to put FB as a screen saver and it failed to notice it. But good God the last few days I have been noticing that it has started giving me notification on the right corner if someone has read or liked my post nonetheless they must have been bored by the jitter of  continuous posting of all craps I endure, all the joys I adore and the relentless effort I put upon to take out a line, strum a few notes and murmur some crazy stuff like “ Rahara Maile Bidesh Jane “ has a compelling qualm of coming right at the top every time  a user of my Facebook Empire click their page.
Sometimes I wonder why on earth should Facebook exist for me and why on earth I should steal those little breaks every few hours to scroll my mobile for the likes and comment to attain a religious galore over that little nonsense of everything. And I wonder the little mystifying enlightenment I get when
I get to see the days work of every of my kin and friends with their joy and sorrow of their little world. Would you ever want to know that I have tried to delete that Facebook app from my mobile so many times , but it seems It comes back every next time I attain a call, it seems my fingers are still far way from getting accustomed to miss their little friends of virtual world of characters. I wonder if they would have loved to cry to the whole world to delete some of the letters from the font itself. Imagine the world starting with the letter F, like in F--K has dreadful expression and if the word expands to more character and stretches to mystifying eight  letters F-----K a far cry for some of the numbers like 007 (Seven), we adore over our head as a religion; they  still fall short by three digits…!

My yet another mystifying moment on Facebook happened a day back ….still laughing over that red underline… when some of my friend whom I have not met for years bothered to scroll down almost all of my Facebook page to dig out a post I rendered back in 2012. Good god I am still an infant If I have to count my years in Facebook starting from 2009… had to put a lot of effort to dig down on my own post though but still paused  momentarily on my very first Facebook posting.  That little DIY experience I shared with CNN international with so many  characters is somehow ruling my Facebook world for a while till it gets sick or someone arouses it again. Our Facebook characters with  pictures and posts mostly run into hibernation and they always demand their rightful passage of prominence once in a while…..!  But how often you have realized you would populate their domain by endless posting of exciting stories and pictures… !

So the next time you add a friend or and scroll your page to know their little story in Facebook, always make sure to dig a bit deeper into their little world before adding a comment and liking their post if you have too. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rahara रहर

My music composition Titled ‪#‎Rahara‬ ‪#‎रहर‬....!
The song is about people........ people migrating to far away places to work and support family in the home country Nepal. Hope You would like it..!

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Professional Architect,ardent supporter of innovative and indigenous low cost green technology for the benefit of the common man. 

Presently working with many different type of Apartments,Commercial buildings, Housing and corporate building projects, including one on floriculture producing roses which purely relies on the sun and the soil but in an enclosed environment. 
We have applied for the pattent of our designs with the local authority,large scale production of this idea needs our consent.We shall appreciate all the DIY projects for philanthropic use and funding.