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Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

The Essentials running out in no time, these pictures makes a very grim story here. This house has been blown like this with two massive quakes of 7.9 and 6.8 Richter scale Earthquake.
Store of essential during earthquake, We have been going through a very massive 7.9 Richter scale earthquake which has a very sad experience of a life time,
God…how we ran through this spaces within my house to reach outside in the open when that  7.9 Richter scale earthquake struck in Kathmandu Valley. ..It was almost like a hurricane in the middle of the sea.
As it settled our people jumbled up in the open spaces and in the car, waiting for the big one to come, hope it never happens... but it did the second one of 6.9 Richter scale earthquake happened and I was in the 7th floor of a building I designed for damage inspection. I can not imagine how I clinged to the pillar for a good 40 seconds... and desperately ran down all floors to reach out it open to safety.... as it settled.
Walls torn apart, desperation... the desperation in this scale is still incomprehensible to me.

God I do not know If I would be able to think it even in my dreams...the 7.9 Richter scale earthquake is an experience for a life time.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy mother’s day

This morning as I woke up I could sense that heaviness in my mind and I started to wonder why it is different than the rest of the morning I can remember. May be it was because of the call which made me crawl out of the slumber or…..!!!  I was kind of confused and it is one of the Saturday’s where I really need to take a break from my daily rituals of EVnR with my trainees out in the park. This EVnR sometime’s get in my nerves as it has made me jump out of the bed since last two years. But all the days before that since my IIT Roorkee time I should say I failed to put the equation of Sun rising from the east, as it used to be high up in the sky.
May be it was because of the small YouTube Video my daughter dropped in my Viber. The small clip of two minutes could narrate the big story of her mom on the mother’s day, that it is today. The story she clumped together with small clips can narrate the big picture of a toddler getting mature enough to portray her mom. But there I could see the missing person of the story of my own mother. I literally got shattered as I noticed my own mother, she is no more. The clip with that small track in Hindi “dehleez pe mere dil ki - “ and her own video was so powerful that I could not stop crying. It has been almost ten months since I have started to live in her absence .
God how the world you and I perceive changes in no time, if we simply start to think of all the dear ones we tend to lose as we age. … and if it happens to be your mother and it simply becomes unbearable, but how we slowly adopt to live with our memories. But I can not remember my mother getting old as I always used to be that small boy kneeling before her in her presence and to think of herself getting frail with metastatic cancer made the whole world upside down. Imagine myself squeezing into  an ambulance with my mother to BLK hospital form the Delhi airport really crumbled me into pieces and the journey back home was even more painful. And how these heartbreaking news shatters us all the time, and how people make a somber announcement of loosing there dearest one, and I am really sorry to recall a friend of mine TP, who lost his mom few days back, the bravest mom an idol by the virtue, my deepest condolences. And poor me how I advised him to be brave enough to lead a life in her absence.
To my surprise the evening became little more comfortable with the Kids of SANO SANSAR as they wanted to offer their gratitude to their mom by planting flowers in the community park, where I happened to be the chief guest.
And their poster reads “ Dedicated to all the beautiful and wonderful moms”… a true gesture to relive the bond  of a loving and caring mother. Now I feel that I did really offer my deepest gratitude with these beautiful girls of SANO SANAR with their offering of flowering plants. Suddenly I could feel that my compassionate mother and the bond she nurtured in me though I returned with a big emptiness in my mind. A sad day for me though but she was always wonderful.
My salute to all the beautiful, loving and caring mothers of the world, and also to my mother who is with me all the time in my all sweetest and pleasant memory.

 Happy mother’s day.

Friday, April 17, 2015


As a child is born, he is virtually immobile and if he has to move he has to be carried by someone may be his father, mother or brother sister. And that remains like this for nearly one year but slowly as he starts to crawl and slowly walk. By the time he is two he can walk like anything.  He gets even more energetic as he ages five to ten then they are ready to jump in no time as they are full of action. But these days even a child can not escape from these little tools the technology has created, that is mobile, pad television so many things and that is how people start to shrink their horizon into a small place…may there room or a class room.
Earlier there was a time when kids used to go for a nature walk, but now they get nature right at their desktop. So now every kid are slowly being immobile and later on as they add their intellectual content through their schooling and the college there sedentary habit curve get even more steeper. Slowly the body starts to fade and the cells starts to degenerate slowly because there is no action in demand. And one needs to put a lot of effort to get into a move or get into a movement and activity. The body deteriorates and how you control it, it gets even more important. The process of body deterioration with sedentary habits invites many unpleasant consequences. The need of the day is to keep yourselves alert. Being alert all the time itself is a big question and it demands a situation.
Unfortunately we do not find places where we can run, or we can jog or do a physical activity, so you are always limited with your thoughts. First thing you can do to get out of that sedentary habit is to feel the breath you take every time. That will make you conscious to some extent about your presence not through  your mind but through your body and it is very important. And how you breathe as in our culture “Hinduism” proper breathing is called Pranayam. Breathing is the essence of your survival, how powerful your breath is, that will determine the way your cell gets energetic or starts to degenerate.
Our EVnR has a lot of good things related to breathing and we have power breathing. Power breathing will be able to get the good flow in your blood and it should vitality to your system. So the breathing is very important , but the drive should always come from your mind. And If it comes from your mind  then your body starts to get even more active. Just think of the time when you are sitting for a work or doing something through your chair…. feel your body through the breathing. Also feel you body as you walk and put a lot of effort into that will help you feel good helps add/and helps you shred more calorie then what you normally do.
But these days, The time is so very important and for people like us, who are extremely busy, spending half an hour more means a lot to the well being of our work culture, so what we really need is something which consumes very little time ; yet gives a lot of surprising results, that is very important. Our EVnR which starts with a ten minute walk for warm up with the total only  twenty eight minute of total exercise can give you amazing result.
So what it does: In EVnR you start to feel your breath, you start to feel the body as it moves, because your body simply does not move here as it demands a lot of effort, and it demands a lot of strength. One has to put a lot of effort to your movement, whether it is front movement, the side movement, the front and back movement, back movement, or the parallel movement, the neck movement, or the stretch which you do at the end of the session demands a lot of EFFORT FORM THE CORE.
Movement from the core with the lot of effort and the control breathing  adds a lot of blood flow into your system and gives you a lot of oxygen and the body starts to feel better slowly with EVnR. As the blood moves and body moves; Blood moves better, the body moves better; and your blood gets better is with the breathing, you get …when you do the power movement and the vibration component of EvNR, a part and parcel of EVnR. It helps to get more oxygen into your system and it is quite a fun, I should say.
To Sum up; your body deteriorates , you need to add vitality, you need to vibrate your body, and you need to move your body in such a way so that you put a lot of effort. To control the degeneration of your body and mind needs vitality to be added. The Vitality is added into through body through power breathing of EVnR, The vitality is added to your body is through the vibration of EVnR, The vitality is added through the effort you put in any movements of EVnR. Thus EVnR is a complete package with power breathing, power movement and the power vibration. These three elements combined together shrinks your body if you are fat as it melts the fat from your body. One amazing thing about fat is your three kg of fat is as good as thirty percent of your body mass as the fat has a lot of volume.
EVnR eats the fat and it adds vitality to your body through power breathing, Power movement and vibrations. It stimulates your pancreas which in turn controls the blood sugar in your body; controlling the blood sugar in your body retards accumulation of sugar as a layer fat in your body, which helps the body to shrink and one start to feel better as one gets energetic throughout the day.
This much for today on EVnR, I shall try to add more on EVnR as the time comes. Bye for now…!
IT IS AMAZING. Come and join us for EVnR every morning in Kathmandu and follow my pictures, graphical illustration to understand more about EVnR. EVnR is the extreme vibration and resistance exercise innovated by me GURU Debesh. EVnR freshens your mind and body come and join us in Kathmandu. For more visit our youTube at

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My new year 2072 Bikram Sambat Greetings

The graphical illustration of facial mass shrinking with EVnR.... EVnR refreshes your mind and body... Come and join us in Kathmandu.
I want my subscribers and casual visitors to make a new year resolution to stay fit and in good shape in days and years to come... Enjoy...!

Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY telescope, 50 years of Space Exploration and NASO

My DIY telescope became very awesome and surprising connection for being invited by Nepal Astronomical Society ( NASO) to light the lamp, inaugurate and celebrate 50 years of space exploration with NASO and Mr. Anton at Russian Cultural Center, Kathmandu.... and little trip close to the sky with my fantasy and imagination as an architect...the Silver Valley Apartments, Kathmandu. My kids enjoyed both the ride...!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Slimming meditation and EVnR my story

I do not know if I have to really record this video, I thought of putting it in YouTube... the narration of EVnR "Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise"  since long… since last couple of weeks, but I was not finding time, but today I thought.. at least I thought I try to put some of my little story of EVnR.
EVnR is an innovation on exercise form, it is an art of exercise. It is very simple, it is for all the GEEKS and for all the people who literally have no time to walk  miles and spend two hours every morning for that little..little thing you have in your belly and your body, that little FAT.

You know it so happens that "your three kg of your fat is as good as thirty percent increment of your body size" . So… what you really need to do is LOOSE is THE FAT and loosing FAT can happen very easily with something like EVnR…. EVnR.

If you want to know what I did not do for ..for nearly ten years. Every morning I used run, jog and do parallel bars you would know what not. But I never tried doing meditation as I find meditation is for the spiritual manifestation of your mind. May be it can trigger your mind set, so I had to find something to really boost my image and decrease my TUMMY.

My professional life compels me to have quite a few episodes of meetings, quite of pegs of WHISKY, quite a few glasses of BEER and quite a few parties and so I tend to add a lot of weight, but how you take it away from you….!!!!....???? VERY EASILY ….!

I had to find a very innovative form of EXERCISE, and one fine day I thought of that little  CATERPILLAR, and wondered how it WALKS. If you closely see it literally CRAWLS. I do not know if you do… say CRWALING your feet to cover a distance of say ten feet…. When you will literally move your feet nearly one hundred times to get from zero to ten feet.


CRAWL of a CATTERPILLAR and then I added that strength in the body in MY posture... in my hand and feet movement .....and my entire body posture. With of lot of effort in the body movements and with the vibrations added ..... innovated this EVnR. We do it every morning for just thirty minutes with ten minutes walk to warm of your mind and body.

And this thirty minutes of EVnR is good enough to get rid of your tummy, you lose five to ten kg of  it. ...whatever as you want and my LAZIEST STUDENTS are losing ten kg in a year. There are some students who are losing FIVE KG IN THREE MONTHS. It is how vigorously you do this or how LAZY you become in this EVnR shall compel you to lose that ten kg in one year. But if you are very serious you would lose that TEN KG IN SIX MONTHS.

Loosing ten kg in six months is not a FUN, it is an innovation on exercise.  On exercise I added this little meditation at the end of EVnR workout “STRETCH MEDITATION” which you can find in my YouTube Channel and you know if you want to follow me.

Your Fat is the Killer, that does not mean that you should be skinny. But this EVnR converts your FAT into MUSCLES and you LOSE WEIGHT. You lose your fat that means… if you lose some three kg of your FAT, that means you will be loosing some thirty percent of your body mass.

Come and join us for EVnR every morning in Kathmandu and follow my pictures, graphical illustration to understand more about EVnR. More to come through my channel, Bye for Now.

EVnR is the extreme vibration and resistance exercise innovated by me GURU Debesh. EVnR freshens your mind and body come and join us.

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