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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shocking Footage Combined Gorkha Bazzar and Assan-Kathmandu NepalEarthqu...

Simply wanted to check the how the earth swayed in to places in one frame. It is so painful to see people simply being tossed around for no reason. Sometime I wonder how the mother earth had to be so cruel. How we all lost soul had to endure such a big pain, trauma and devastation beyond imagination in a split of seconds. Hope we shall get over it slowly.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Helping rebuild Briddim Post #Nepalearthqauke 2015

One of the remote place with abundance of nature, a popular trekking route …..starting point to alternative route. I was there to assist the local to rebuild the community hall, monastery, individual houses used by home-stayer.
It was an awesome experience interacting with the locals. The houses mostly built with stone and wood. But I was surprised to note they are not using any mortar for binding the stones. The quake shook the houses so much that the stones simply got detached from the main walls.
Almost all of 42 houses are partly or  severely damaged. Everyone in the community are either sleeping in the tents or in the make shift houses. We shall have to help them rebuild it soon before the coming monsoon just one and half month away.
The locals will be very fortunate it seems once  the hordes of volunteers and tourist from USA, Europe and Australia  join them coming fall on September to rebuild Bridim. We are trying to create model houses and community space keeping mind the contextual elements while preserving the vernacular architecture.
The place is 2 hours trek form Lingling almost 2 hours uphill trek some 700 meters climb, some 30 minutes drive from Shybru Besi. We were so close to Tibet from there.

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