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Monday, October 26, 2015

Yoga Versus EVnR

“EVnR denounces on renouncing so many of lifestyle form we have taken for granted unlike YOGA”

Yoga is one of the primordial form of human activity to quench the desire to attain the spiritual and physical requirement of the body. Yoga is all in the scriptures of Hindu philosophy, the primordial power of human mind realized the spiritual attainment is only possible through the proper unification of human soul with the universal consciousness of spirit. Yoga is not merely an art of exercise when it comes to define different forms of yoga to attain the spiritual consciousness at different level. It explores the possibility of achieving the inner consciousness with the practice of Gyan, Bhakti, Karma and Raja Yoga.  

Yoga primarily embraces the art of breathing “ Pranayama” at the higher level. The mere power of proper breathing can enhance the flow of oxygen in the circulation system of the body, which helps to rejuvenate Prana “ the vitality power of the body”. Yoga helps to purify the body with different kinds of Aasaana “postures” along with the proper breathing techniques. The combination of the Pranayama along with Assanas entails a meditative trance in many of the Yogic practitioners.
Aurveda is an integral part of the yoga. 

Aurveda explores the unification of body and mind with nature. The science of Pranayma combined with Aurveda has the power to heal and maintain the body, mind and spirit in a state of equilibrium. Aurved is based on the belief health and wellness depend  on  a delicate balance of mind , body and spirit. Aurved is one of the ancient form of hoslistic healing system of mind and body originating form the Indian subcontinent.

Yoga and Aurveda also has intrinsic philosophy of renouncing so many of the essential lifestyle form we have been adopting since the last few centuries as we have become more human with the advancement of technology and science. The modern development has virtually encompassed almost all of the facets of our daily rituals in the form of our movement, work, study, food habits and pleasure tones or almost everything which is comprehensible has a big influence of the technology of the modern times. The linkage has made so many of the ancient art of yoga redundant to a larger mass if not embraced in an intuitive way. The distance is not a simple coincidence, it is a natural phenomenon, but the repercussion to the human mind with the advancement may lead to a very dire consequences. Our mind can wander across the universe in a blink of seconds with the comfort of technology that exists today is in a way incapacitating our body to a vegetative   state in the years to come. The evolution of human mind with the advancement of the present time shall render our physical shelf to a state of perpetual death by slowly ceasing its activity to zero level if we are to travel in time.

EVnR is an innovation on the lifestyle form. It is an art on exercise with the economy on movement, time  breathing “Pranayma” . It shall never deplete our inner desire of rejoicing life without renouncing. EVnR an art of exercise with an enhanced form of YOGA with extreme vibration,  resistance and Aurveda at the same time. EVnR denounces on renouncing any of the lifestyle form which we have taken for granted in modern times.

To be continued……..! 

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