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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Deusi re Tihar song ”नेपाली को टोपी राम्रो” देउसिरे गीत

My best wishes to you all Happy Tihar and Dipawali for the year 2016.

”नेपाली को टोपी राम्रो”
नेपाली को
टोपी राम्रो, टिका राम्रो
सिन्दुर् राम्रो, पोते राम्रो

भन मेरा भाई हो, देउसिरे
राम्ररि भन, देउसिरे
स्वर् मिलाइ कन, देउसिरे
भन मेरा भाई हो, देउसिरे

नेपाली को
हिमाल् राम्रो, पहाड् राम्रो
गुराँस् राम्रो, मुनाल् राम्रो

भन मेरा भाई हो, देउसिरे
राम्ररि भन, देउसिरे
स्वर् मिलाइ कन, देउसिरे
राम्ररि भन, देउसिरे

नेपाली को
ढिकि राम्रो, जाँतो राम्रो
काफल् राम्रो, फापर् राम्रो

भन मेरा भाई हो, देउसिरे
राम्ररि भन, देउसिरे
स्वर् मिलाइ कन, देउसिरे
भन मेरा भाई हो, देउसिरे
तिहर आयो, देउसिरे
लक्ष्मी आइन्, देउसिरे
धनै ल्याइन्, देउसिरे

”नेपाली को टोपी राम्रो”

Sunday, October 16, 2016

IIT, UOR and EVnR " Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise"

I can imagine leaving IIT,UOR means, leaving your younger self behind and gearing up for a newer prospect in life, which is somehow always very challenging. This makes you leave a basic MANTRA'S of life behind, which is the fitness of mind and body.  As we approach our thirties we all start to carry that little bulge in our body a sheer accumulation of Fat vis a vis an accumulation of wealth also to some extent if everything turns out right.
Imagining myself in Roorkee with a pile of punch cards for few riddles here and there and few floppy’s for tutorials makes me feel little groovy all the time, but still we had so much of free time at our disposal as we were yet be enslaved with the little dwarf we carry all the time these days. That little Dwarf (MOBILE) really makes us miserable as we have stopped doing things, have stopped moving around from our desk and are always at the receiving end.  We have started so many questions to Google Guru, the little apps the mobile world feeds into our mind for our overall fitness always makes us sneak on that calories bar we could have burnt as another kind accretion of our wealth, without even inching a feet from our desk.
I really wish if you guys would want to see yourself in the mirror every morning and ponder on your fitness for a moment if possible.  And use that little dwarf we all carry to melt a little fat or bulge out of your body. The list of priorities gets even bigger as one approaches one’s middle age, most of us would have probably drained out all of our savings to educate kids . How on earth the education could have been so bloody expensive, which again makes you ponder to work even harder to manage savings for your later age and fitness issues becomes a small part other than occasional visits to your physician and a little stroll or brisk walk once in a while.
I do not want to distract you by writing further than this, I wish by this time I am certain that you would have made your promise to give a little time out of your busy schedule to look after your fitness of mind and body. Go for walk, go around your office once in a while to your staff, stop getting the results on the phone, visit them at their desk.  And make sure that the next call you get, you would leave the desk for a gentle stroll around your office to burn few calories.
The list goes on..and but if you want to change yourself in no time while still retaining most of your daily chores of eating and drinking habits, please join me for “EVnR” on YouTube for  little joy with EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and resistance Exercise” an exploration of your own and body and mind for extreme fitness. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

मैले जानीन " Maile Janin"

मैले जानीन

मन ले मानेन


लाउने कुरा

मन ले ठानेन्'

मलाइ लागेन्

मन ले मानेन


किन हुन्छ

मैले जानीन

तिम्रो मुहार्

तिम्रइ सपनी


किन आउछ

मैले जानीन

मैले जानीन

मन ले मानेन


लाउने कुरा

मन ले ठानेन्

Monday, October 10, 2016

दसै त मेरै हो " Dashain ta merai ho"

दसै त मेरै हो
This song is about the little hilarious story of my country, how on earth we all have been deprived for so long. The pace of development needs to be hundred fold. But ....we all need to get rid of all the thugs (who sit on the throne) sooner...! 

My best wishes..!

मेरो बा......मेरो मात्रिभुमि खोइ कता हराइन् कुन्नि.....मेरो आमा.... do not take it other wise ... with all the due respect to all the good mother's , but not the.... यो देश को कूर्सि बोकेका भ्रस्ट् नेता हरुलाइ ।।। म त यसरि पो गालि गर्न पुगे छु...!

' बा मेरो कतार् मा 
आमा चाहि दिस्को मा 
म एक्लै गून गुनाउछु 
दसै त मेरै हो

बा मेरो कतार् मा 
आमा चाहि दिस्को मा 
म एक्लै गून गुनाउछु 
दसै त मेरै हो "

................ बाकि गााना मा सुन्नु होला

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Body Mass Reduction with EVnR

This is my second episode on EVnR " Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise" a powerful tool for the freshness of #Mindandbody.

EVnR explores the toning up of your body shape with extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise. It streamlines your body mass from top to bottom with the elimination of body fat from every corner of your body with the elevated blood flow and high influx of oxygen.

The vibration stimulates pancreas and it cuts the blood sugar, which is the main culprit on storing body fat in the body. Our sedentary life adds up even more body fat in turn.

Loosing weight with EVnR shall be the name of the game eventually, come and join us for EVnR every morning in Kathmandu with #GuruDebesh...! JAI SHAMBO… to my EVnR students…. Cheers..!

Monday, August 8, 2016

EVnR Vlog Episode 1

EVnR....the joy of living with the refreshing workout with EVnR " Come and join us in Kathmandu.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

DIY Passive Solar Water Heater

This is a real economic DIY solar water heater, which can happen with a very little tool one may always find in the household. This solar water heater is so simple and easy to do with only two ends of pipe connected to the storage tank for hot and cold water, with no bends at all. This solar utilizes black HDPE pipe arranged in a concentric and conical form. It needs a stand to hold the pipe though, that can be simply be made with a bamboos frames or you can even create a sump/ cut earth to create and manage your stand like arrangements to hold the black pipe assembly with the plastic cover at the top. You may also paint the pipe assembly with the black paint for better performance.
The simplicity and innovation of this DIY solar must have caught the attention ofCNN international television network back then in April 2012 Road to Rioshow a their green city journey. This DIY PORTABLE SOLAR WATER A GREEN GOLD was aired in CNN international on April 2012 and it was a real joy for me as DIY ENTHUSIAST besides being an architect by profession.
Please follow the link also to know more... and the link to the complete show aired on CNN International if you wish.
Since Our Video's on YouTube are very descriptive, I found it convenient to create subtitles there, which enables one to understand the content in most of the language. Enjoy the video and try to do one " DIY SOLAR WATER HEATER" coming winter and save mother earth by harnessing low cost energy DIY solution.
The link to the video aired on CNN international, DIY portable solar clip starting at tail end at 23.40 minutes CNN Road to Rio Show April 2012
For people in hotter climate I request them to generate and use hot water with DIY solution for " WASHING, CLEANING" , and further more always try to usepreheated water through DIY cheper solar gadgets as this solar water heater, which helps to save a lot of your energy bills at the end of the day.

Monday, May 23, 2016


First Published on Oct 12 2013, now subtitled in English.
This EVnR Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise has subtitles in English for the viewers world wide.
EVnR is an innovation on the lifestyle form. It is an art on exercise with the economy on movement, time breathing “Pranayma” . It shall never deplete our inner desire of rejoicing life without renouncing. EVnR an art of exercise with an enhanced form of YOGA with extreme vibration, resistance and Aurveda at the same time. EVnR denounces on renouncing any of the lifestyle form which we have taken for granted in modern times.
Yoga and Aurveda also has intrinsic philosophy of renouncing so many of the essential lifestyle form we have been adopting since the last few centuries as we have become more human with the advancement of technology and science. The modern development has virtually encompassed almost all of the facets of our daily rituals in the form of our movement, work, study, food habits and pleasure tones or almost everything which is comprehensible has a big influence of the technology of the modern times. The linkage has made so many of the ancient art of yoga redundant to a larger mass if not embraced in an intuitive way. 
EVnR elaborates the need of today with the ancient art of Yogic exercise with rapid vibration, which in turn detoxifies the body, enhances the blood circulation, and adds more oxygen into the system. EVnR refreshes the MIND and BODY throughout the day. Come and join us in Baneswor, Kathmandu.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

3 minutes of Highly intensive Exercise training “ HIT” with EVnR

If you are a software guru, Management expert, corporate geek or the busiest man in the planet, who barely gets time to cleanse his mind and body, you have come to right place. Please feel  free to spend ten minutes of your time to relieve yourself with “ EVnR” Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise.
There are few buzzwords I have started to admire these days… one of it is “HIT” for exercising your mind and body. It ain’t no HIT and MISS, which my toddler boy some time recalls when he misses a goal or drives the beast to its den. How the world has started to coin these small abbreviation appropriate to define its smallest achievements of whatever small things they have accidently chanced upon. The HIT is no more a game of loosing or winning the battle of Thrones. The battle centers in your “MIND AND BODY”. The enemy resides in you and it might try to populate your mind too, albeit your mind can wander million of miles across the universe in a blink, but your lazy BUTT simply sticks into whatever little things it finds. The momentary lapse of intuition to drive our mind and body into NUTS happens with a small piece of Jigsaw, which fits into our purse or palm. It always roars as we try for a little break… Can we call it a break… which breaks your passion of finding that little joy outside virtual world of FaceBook , Instagram , Twitter and Candy crush… which crushes us upside down when it comes to freshness of “ Mind and body”. How one stops noticing hours passing as mere snapshots as we scrolls and scrolls for update of events around us while succumbing to rampant discourse and images of other Netizens. 

HIT “ Highly Intensive Exercise”  is an intensive workout lasting not more than three to four minute of your time. You might want to try it with amazing EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and resistance Exercise” for God’s shake if you wish. EVnR will try to fire your MIND and BODY with intense vibration and resistance, as you start to crawl like a Caterpillar with the rhythmic slide and highly intensive and laborious movement of your whole body .The correlation of HIT with EVnR is amazingly poised to become one of the GLOBAL SENSATION in the world of mindful exercise to tone up your mind and body in no time if you ask me…. “The Guru of EVnR” .
You may wonder how the GURU himself got enlightened with that little CATERPILLAR.  And how on earth caterpillar’s crawl or movement to cover the smallest length of time/ distance can be related with bigger phenomenon of HIT “Highly Intensive Training” if we Denizen ever try to follow it. The caterpillar could never surmise the rationale behind not leaving the ground, but we APE and walk, roll and fly as we zip across the cites and continents. Our mind has already forgotten the sweetest joy and  pain and sweating while running after animals as the cave dwellers or ploughing the field and herding  the cattle as farmers few hundred years back as we were yet to evolve.

We have let ourselves ruled by the machines of our creations as we zip around car, planes and Drones, Wish I could own one of these… and  and It takes me back to my younger self with a bit of strumming  “ I am leaving on a jet-plane … !!! by John Denver”. The departure gets very painful as we HIT over thirty or little more years of our life. The youthfulness simply starts to fade and our body slowly turns into a virtual machine as we start clamoring for more of so called meaningful ecstasy of rotting with the difficult dilemma of day to day world managing our desire for imminent prosperity.

HIT “ Highly Intensive workout”  with “EVnR” is in-fact highly sweet but a laborious session of three/ four minutes session to train your mind and body to extreme level of fitness. The movements are divided into nine parts, which sums to total of 32 minutes, but each part of nearly 3.5 minutes can take you into a different level of intensive exercise ecstasy. It is so subtle that you never feel the pain as we master the rhythmic but very rapid and laborious movement of EVnR….!

 EVnR is a burst of small joy with the highly intuitive and entertaining yet extremely difficult drive for your body to attain the extremes of fitness. The intensive few minutes of “EVnR” can change your body and mind inside out. Come and join us in Kathmandu every morning and 6.15 am.  I am sure you would want to “ Be the change you want to see in you” with EVnR.

Friday, April 8, 2016

EVNR Radio talk on Kantipur FM an Alternative Yoga for your mind and body

It was wonderful to be a part of Radio Talk at Kantipur FM on April 06 2016, I was delighted to be with RJ Prajwal Khadka ji! My special Thanks goes to Naveen Acharya Roshan Bhattarai Anil Dhungel Deepali Bhattarai Ranju Kafle and rest of the EVnR team... and Cheers..! The official link…/…/Radio-Talk/ our page in Facebook, please help us reach far and wide…/ and our YouTube Channel , please subscribe it..!

And the content as it goes all in English ...!
Prajwal the radio host:
Greetings and warm welcome on this Radio Kantipur, the radio of Nation on this weekly radio talk program and I am your host Prajwal and this radio talk is sponsored by TOKLA TEA and our technical assistance is Krishna Bhandari. Kantipur Radio talks deliberates on the contemporary issues and our guests here helps us to elaborate them and once again  this talk is sponsored by TOKLA TEA. And I am glad to have Mr. Debesh Raj Bhattarai as my guest this early morning and let me introduce himself more of a copy paste introduction from his Facebook profile. Well according his Facebook profile, He is a professional architect, a musician, Exercise Guru and the exercise resume goes with the tag of EVnR. shall find more about it while in the program and he is also a DIY enthusiast and his Low cost DIY innovation was covered in CNN international. If the time permits we shall talk about it also, but today we shall only talk about EVnR leaving aside is professional life. We shall be more focused with the lifestyle, He has come up this new phenomenon, well not exactly new but I guess but a wonderful phenomenon, this exercise regime EVnR, by the name of it as it goes We shall try to talk about this topic in our program and rest of his ventures if the time permits.
Mr. Bhattarai, we are glad to have you here.  
Debesh : Yes I am very glad to be a part of your radio talk, and let me start it from the life style issues. Good God, how busy we have become these days. We have become so busy that we have literally stopped caring about our life style. we hardly give a fraction of time till we end up with the doctors as we get into the health problem. Otherwise your are almost nowhere about your peace of mind and body. And this got into nerves so badly that I started brooding upon this some three four years back.
Prajwal: Was it a realization that came to you because of your life style or something else. As I know that you are professional architect and You have designed prominent buildings around here in the valley… to name the few like Himalayan Bank and similarly that huge building at Kalikasthan and there so many others and the list could go on and you have such a busy life style that. Is it that reason you decided to go for a change in your life style with a cling, please tell us.
Debesh: The funny part of the story is with our stressed life style, we care less about food and we may rather overeat and put a lot of weight and get even more stressed all the time and for me it was that I found my body overwhelmingly big. I started running miles, doing weights and did so many things. I started doing almost everything I could find to shape my body.
But one day everything changed. That day I was literally drenched with my sweat but that that milkman who must have seen every morning in that field could not stop laughing at me as he sarcastically remarked me that “ why you run and sweat like hell and added your body must have given up shrinking” and that was the reason I had to come up with something, which was innovative and very effective and efficient for the people who lead a very busy life.
And you know what as we always run out of time, I realized that the need of day was to innovate some efficient form of workout, which fits into our busy schedule. The time we have for many other priority work gives a very little room for a refreshing exercise routine. For many of us the time we allocate for exercise squeezes to mere 2-3 minutes and to the ones who find time for little refreshing exercise regime of few days end up having a bigger brakes eventually leading to a sedentary life style.
Prajwal: That also does not come as priority I would say and everyone feels that I shall do it when I have more time to spare for my health otherwise I will leave it to future.
Debesh: You know what people keep on postponing and for the people who have started somehow ends up having few days break a natural prescription for healthy workout end up having a full stop at the end of the day.
Prajwal: That becomes a very long break and turns into a long holiday…Ha… ha…ha…ha..!
Debesh: Yes I started getting lazy and that milk man racked my nerves. But as I started spending more time doing nothing every morning, I realized that I had to find some kind of miracle workout routine for my good health. And during that period I thought of caterpillar and the way they crawl to reach places, I always used to count the number steps I used to take to finish a lap in that field. That realization with the caterpillar’s crawl mad me crawl to make 190 steps of one lap in my thirty-five feet long drawing room in the interior of my house. And the innovation came as I started literally crawling and walking without leaving my feet from the ground and still walking and the distance of thirty five feet became so very big and that hundred and ninety steps almost became a walk of five minutes….. And the innovation came , and that made me loose weight like anything.
You know what “The fundamental thing one should know about losing weight and the loosing body mass”. The loss of three kg of my body mass that is fat made me shrink by almost 30% of my body size. I was loosing fat from everywhere from my body.
Prajwal: I can imagine your body fat ratio was shrinking….!
Debesh: Not exactly….!!  You have fat in ear and earlobes too..! Have you ever noticed  a Fat Mans face, the way their cheeks pushes their earlobes back ward. I must have felt miserable too as my cheeks were pushing my earlobes … and it could have been asymmetrical too … and that was very funny.
If you start loosing fat from every part of your body, your body shrinks and you loose weight and that loss of weight is the THING, which was embedded in this E…V…n…R. I call it “Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise”. The crux of this exercise is we have to power vibrate our body and crawl; the vibration, strength and rigidity sum up to make it wonderful. It adds so many things and ends up very refreshing thirty two minutes session for my students. I must have had trained more than three- four hundred people not only here.
I was in Delhi and in Delhi people are so very serious about their morning activities, I have observed. In contrary in Kathmandu why people  are running after these….!!!!. Anyway our body satisfaction can be seen as a spiritual manifestation or as physical manifestation too. But I strongly feel that professional people it should start from physical manifestation first and you can move to spiritual parts later on. This was different in Delhi I noticed, but in Kathmandu I somehow feel people are still reluctant as I keep going around and give lectures.
Many a times I yell at people to join me for EVnR…and I say it is for you not for me. Poor me…. How I have been jumping out of my bed at 5.30 every morning from the habit of sleeping late till 8am since my Roorkee University ( IIT UOR)  time back in 1990 in India.  I had the habit of working throughout the night. I still remember one fine morning at 4am my mom telling me ” Is it not to too early that you are out of bed”, where as I had not even slept then. We have become so very busy with our work professionally here in Kathmandu that some of us would always miss the morning Sun here, and we end up eating craps, go to bed late.
But now since I have started teaching this exercise, I have to be jump out of my bed at 5.30 every morning to cheer up my people and give them a little morning  good session of EVnR for the pleasure of their mind and body. It is amazing and the way we are trying to put me into this talk show Mr. Prajwal is you are trying to promote a thought at the end of the day.
Prajwal; Exactly….! Everything begins with a thought…! And you had this thought to promote this exercise…. a thought in itself… and to make it efficient. I have gone through your video in YouTube and the amazing thing is your participants are a wide variety of people in the different age group and I feel that it can be accommodated very much widely
Debesh: Yeh….ya… I can see that you know. But sometimes I feel that when you give something for free,You do not get people. And I have seen people going for Jumba and what not and I ask them how much you pay a Thousand bucks and they feel that it shall do wonders as they pay. And …. I think you are right my students age range from seven to seventy and the good thing about this EVnR is the effect is pronounced after few days. One my students almost like my mom nearing seventy used to look so frail when she joined us. But in the way she changed in the last two years as she joined was amazing. You would be surprised to note that I have people from the east west length of Nepal from Jhapa to Dang had come and joined me in the small park of Sanugaucahran, Baneswor. The park was not in good shape for the last couple of years but in the last few days the park has been transformed into a happening place with metal top in its periphery since the month of Chitra (March end 2016). It has come out very nice with the changed mindset of people too, after the secession of blockade, shortage of gas and all.
The other day I had a kid of seven years boy and a student doing the demonstration of my movement in the Rotary club of Thamel while I was giving a small lecture on the Rotary club of Thamel. This boy who has been observing my EVnR as a trainee was doing the postures for different movements amongst forty odd people who were above fifty… I wonder if one starts joining rotary club as one nears 30 to 50 but I feel that they would have had professional maturity I feel.
I am sure who so ever joined have remained with me through my teachings I feel. And I wonder you would not be able retain the crowd for so long if they do not like it, people would disperse after few days if they do not enjoy it. Many of my trainess are not with me now, but one of trainee through my teaching has started taking a separate class in a group of 10-12 people in TareBhir, Kathmandu exclaimed Niranjan one of my friend. My friend was really touched when one his bull brother and my trainee expressed his satisfaction with the reduced level sugar, blood pressure and also claimed that he has become a changed man expresses Niranjan.
And what you need is this kind of thought needs to go out from one place to next.
Prajwal: I think it is very important as well ….as you explained…!!! ..the Physical fitness and the way we look is also related to our vanity, what do you think. I remember you explaining your embarrassment on the disproportionate look of your face. Do you think we should really need to relate our looks with vanity or we need it to boost our self confidence and to get the good thoughts flowing into our mind and the assurance we need… what do say…. Or it is more like physically I am good and I should be good mentally, vice versa….! And it is very much important to carry these two things together what do you say..!
Debesh: I have a very different way of looking at things when it comes to fitness. Your fitness starts not only from your mind but it starts from your body too..! Imagine getting up in the morning with severe headache which might ruin your entire day as your body fails to find that rhythm with your mind. Your morning shows the day as we call it and your body and mind not being in tandem might spoil your entire day.
For the fitness factors so many components comes to picture obviously if you want to talk about the looks the ladies would be more concerned with the variety of choices on makeup kits, but a man might simply let it go.
Prajwal: But with all these social networks man are also equally into the competition, I will tell you…. Haa….Haa… Haa…!
Debesh:  Haa…Haa you are right there, that’s why your profile picture keeps on changing in your Facebook and you know what …it is so wonderful.
Prajwal: And Thank God to the Photo editor…Ha… Ha… Haa!
Debesh: It is not only that….it drives people to be little more fitter and that it is giving a platform for people like me and I always find time to post little things whatever I do, but not on my professional work; which I always keep in a separate level.
You would not believe, my contribution for word-class architecture in the valley with prominent buildings may still need time to find this rare opportunity to be in the air with Kantipur FM Radio talk. And touch wood if I have to be honest with you I am here because I am into this social front of EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise”. You would be surprised to find why I gave English name to this… as I find it more colloquial these days and the world is a small village. Your do anything here, it gets visible in every part of the world in no time. I could have given a Nepali name to this, but the name EVnR itself might arouse curiosity to people who would be interested to learn more about it and it is wonderful. 
Prajwal: Yes, It is… It is…! And we were talking about lifestyle and you said that we do not have time. But I do not know if it is really true. And I feel it is not that we do not have time, it is just that we do not create that little spare time. We have stopped prioritizing activity which really needs investment of time. It is more like not creating time than not really having time.
Debesh: There is no time as a matter of fact we always need to steal time. Steal few minutes from here and there and add that.
Prajwal: Yeah…..You make time…!
Debesh:  And these few minutes adds to a package of time and there will be suddenly a lot of time. Let me share this, when it comes to professionally working in place for people in IT, Bank in so many things, people do not work till eleventh hour and end up working after office hours of ten to five. I remember reading one article written by Infosys chairman Krishna Murthy (Hope I have not forgotten his name) few years back on these issues and he was right. In bigger metropolis of the world like Delhi and other part of the world but not yet in Kathmandu, younger generation of people living alone prefer to work after usual office hours to avoid cooking tea and dinner at home. And these people working hours end up from office to bed, either you are at office or at your bed, which limits their physical activity to a bare minimum. And I would want to say to these people “ Find that time, find time for your mind and find time for your body, which helps you to retain that energy level you need to be fresh throughout the day.
Prajwal : In today’s hectic world you need that energy level to stay sane as well to certain extent, don’t you think so.
Debesh: Yeh…yeh…It is really so, you are very right. To find that little energy to stay sane people end up doing so many things many a time. But unfortunately people end up sitting hours glued to the television set, on the computer set browsing through where-about of people on the other part of the world in Facebook. And these young people end up sitting hours on whatsasp and instagram without noticing how day changes into night for hours at a stretch. Have you noticed how many minutes you must have consumed here, we have never bother to see the clock and but time simply flies without you and I noticing it and you get older.
But You may also get younger also as the time flies as you let these younger lots grow.. (chuckles Prajwal…. Haa… haaa)….. My son gets younger as I get older. It is a pattern of life, it is always like that, it is amazing. But whatever you do I feel that the peace of mind and that longevity counts more. And I firmly believe that if I can look ten years younger with something as innovative as E… V… n… R. I strongly feel that my looks has definitely changed with it from that clumsy fat look with the ear lobe sinking backward. The kind of look I used to have and the kind of look I have now is the change you need to maintain that energy level to stay sane and to have that feel good factor.
Prajwal: I think the magic is starting off by feeling good about yourself …what do you say…which we simply ignore it seems.
Debesh: You are right there….! But unless you are into this glamour world, Glamour world is different, where you have to look good all the time. But when you are into this professional world and where you are really working for every single minute for your bed and butter, the way you look has a very little effect with the way you work. I think you should always look modest with your look even if you are in a group of five-six people and try to maintain the energy level I feel. And the rest of the thing is how you go about throughout the day. 

till 19.54 minutes to be continued..!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nostalgia, your waistline and EVnR

My neighborhood has never failed to fascinate me, especially the small park which is right across my door. I wonder at times why it used to look so big, bigger than the Tundikhel; when I was a toddler. I still remember comparing measurements, but to our big dismay we found it to be too small. It was a small surprise back then as that age invites one to believe their tiny world larger than the rest of the world. Alas, the pace of development has really shrunk its size, it looks barren and even desolate with very little green grass and that road, which veers around is a big disaster. Back then we rarely used to see any vehicle except few bicycles zipping through the park.
In a flash everything vanished, open spaces and the trees are no longer there. The sporadic growth of household has uprooted things upside down albeit the nascent demolition of houses along the road may have accrued a little more space. The echo of Ghantaghar (Tower Bell), the scary bang of Tope (Cannon) has been replaced by a constant murmur of cars, water pumps and one would not be surprised to note the inflatable noise getting larger every-day with the small screens, chitter- chatter bouncing from every corner. The transition has become almost unbearable it seems; the neighborhood looks bleak and strange, with all the city dwellers becoming a mere face in the big crowd.
In a retrospect if I start putting things in chronological order; My grandfather used to walk 10 kilometer everyday to reach school; My father must have walked around four kilometers; I must have been merrier by pacing not more than a kilometer, but my son gets his bus right on the door step. Gone are the days when people used to measure their daily destinations with footsteps. Unfortunately everyone is slowly turning into couch potatoes with the entire world shrinking to their palm. That day is very near when the  public spaces would be deserted as technology gobbles us inside out  with our head getting larger than our body as it stops inching a step.
No one would be surprised to note how wise we have become over the benefit of good health with all the TV channels zooming tremendous volume of big ideas in the small screen as we scour information through the digital media. We are surely getting digitally wise with everyone knowing the list of do and don’ts for food habits, exercise regime and so many other paraphernalia. It is as good as learning to swim without even going to the pool. It seems we all have the desire and the knowledge to be healthier, but do we have an access to affordable fitness schedule. Here I should mention the recent launching of “Free for all open gym” being launched in Brazil with the government funding billions of dollars. The economic prosperity in a country like Brazil has created enough rich people with a significantly large number of poor lots a jumble of virtual machines with limited access to better health and fitness.
In most part of the world the access to better fitness activity has a direct bearing with the economic prosperity of an individual, the air- conditioned gym, Zumba dance bars and the golf clubs are frequented mostly by elites. The deprived section is always poor, and unfortunately the poor have started becoming more obese because of the sedentary life style. The kind of hours spent on traveling gets enormously large as the distance between work and home gets bigger depriving people of the precious time to rest and sleep resulting into more health related ailments including obesity.
The story never ends for many of us, we walk, we jog, we work a lot, we travel, we fly, we party and have definitely become smarter but at the end of the day when we come back home to reflect upon the day’s events, most of us will notice succumbing to the negative side of the fitness index. It seems we all have fallen prey to the daily jargon of unhealthy life style of today’s world. My story of the laziness and the sedentary life also unfolds in the same way, where I should mention couple of events which has given me enough inspiration and may be an enlightenment to get out of the box. I should be thankful to that very Milk man, who literally teased and complained me that silly morning. He must have observed me for a couple of months on my jogging track with pushups and parallel bars. I simply became poor as he started pouring his unhappiness over me; or might be it was his frustration too to see me bloating in-spite of my herculean effort and sweating. I simply became helpless with no words left to retaliate against that wise milk man as my physique simply refused to shrink. May be it is just the same with the majority whose bellies always tease them as they reach their middle age.
To my big surprise I wonder why on earth I have my office at home, when everyone moves away to city to work. May be it is just that I have claimed to be savvier on technology or the work has moved to my small home office with the virtual meetings, discussion, queries and so on. My sluggish approach to shift work away from my home could have given me a real big surprise with EVnR. It is an innovation or more aptly an art on the exercise form, which I call EVnR (Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise), a powerful tool to freshen your mind and body.
EVnR is a sheer innovation on the art of efficient exercise which accentuates the overall body movement to next level of fitness with the rhythmic vibrations and resistance. The subtle movement of the entire body in the erect posture enhances the entire body fluid movement and rejuvenates every cells within the body with added oxygen flow through blood circulations. The vibrations and resistance adds extra gravity on to the bodily movement, stimulate pancreas to generate enough insulin to maintain and eliminate deposition of extra fat from the waistline. EVnR enhances the muscle density by rapid movement and relieves the body cell off its toxicity by extreme sweating. All of my students who are embracing EVnR with me are really benefitting in all aspects of healthy life including the fitness of thier mind and body. EVnR is slowly becoming a new form social congregation in my neighborhood. The desolate park right across my door step has transformed into vibrant, lively and happening place every morning with a mix of teens, elderly joining the passionate rhythmic movements of EVnR.
Come and join us at Baneswor, Kathmandu and help spread this art of exercise far and wide.

Debesh Raj Bhattarai an architect by profession and Innovator Guru of EVnR….. can be reached at or at  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Meditative Music

My passion with guitar compelled to create this soft music and also a country dance music by Carulli..!

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