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Sunday, October 16, 2016

IIT, UOR and EVnR " Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise"

I can imagine leaving IIT,UOR means, leaving your younger self behind and gearing up for a newer prospect in life, which is somehow always very challenging. This makes you leave a basic MANTRA'S of life behind, which is the fitness of mind and body.  As we approach our thirties we all start to carry that little bulge in our body a sheer accumulation of Fat vis a vis an accumulation of wealth also to some extent if everything turns out right.
Imagining myself in Roorkee with a pile of punch cards for few riddles here and there and few floppy’s for tutorials makes me feel little groovy all the time, but still we had so much of free time at our disposal as we were yet be enslaved with the little dwarf we carry all the time these days. That little Dwarf (MOBILE) really makes us miserable as we have stopped doing things, have stopped moving around from our desk and are always at the receiving end.  We have started so many questions to Google Guru, the little apps the mobile world feeds into our mind for our overall fitness always makes us sneak on that calories bar we could have burnt as another kind accretion of our wealth, without even inching a feet from our desk.
I really wish if you guys would want to see yourself in the mirror every morning and ponder on your fitness for a moment if possible.  And use that little dwarf we all carry to melt a little fat or bulge out of your body. The list of priorities gets even bigger as one approaches one’s middle age, most of us would have probably drained out all of our savings to educate kids . How on earth the education could have been so bloody expensive, which again makes you ponder to work even harder to manage savings for your later age and fitness issues becomes a small part other than occasional visits to your physician and a little stroll or brisk walk once in a while.
I do not want to distract you by writing further than this, I wish by this time I am certain that you would have made your promise to give a little time out of your busy schedule to look after your fitness of mind and body. Go for walk, go around your office once in a while to your staff, stop getting the results on the phone, visit them at their desk.  And make sure that the next call you get, you would leave the desk for a gentle stroll around your office to burn few calories.
The list goes on..and but if you want to change yourself in no time while still retaining most of your daily chores of eating and drinking habits, please join me for “EVnR” on YouTube for  little joy with EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and resistance Exercise” an exploration of your own and body and mind for extreme fitness. 

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