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Monday, May 23, 2016


First Published on Oct 12 2013, now subtitled in English.
This EVnR Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise has subtitles in English for the viewers world wide.
EVnR is an innovation on the lifestyle form. It is an art on exercise with the economy on movement, time breathing “Pranayma” . It shall never deplete our inner desire of rejoicing life without renouncing. EVnR an art of exercise with an enhanced form of YOGA with extreme vibration, resistance and Aurveda at the same time. EVnR denounces on renouncing any of the lifestyle form which we have taken for granted in modern times.
Yoga and Aurveda also has intrinsic philosophy of renouncing so many of the essential lifestyle form we have been adopting since the last few centuries as we have become more human with the advancement of technology and science. The modern development has virtually encompassed almost all of the facets of our daily rituals in the form of our movement, work, study, food habits and pleasure tones or almost everything which is comprehensible has a big influence of the technology of the modern times. The linkage has made so many of the ancient art of yoga redundant to a larger mass if not embraced in an intuitive way. 
EVnR elaborates the need of today with the ancient art of Yogic exercise with rapid vibration, which in turn detoxifies the body, enhances the blood circulation, and adds more oxygen into the system. EVnR refreshes the MIND and BODY throughout the day. Come and join us in Baneswor, Kathmandu.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

3 minutes of Highly intensive Exercise training “ HIT” with EVnR

If you are a software guru, Management expert, corporate geek or the busiest man in the planet, who barely gets time to cleanse his mind and body, you have come to right place. Please feel  free to spend ten minutes of your time to relieve yourself with “ EVnR” Extreme Vibration and Resistance Exercise.
There are few buzzwords I have started to admire these days… one of it is “HIT” for exercising your mind and body. It ain’t no HIT and MISS, which my toddler boy some time recalls when he misses a goal or drives the beast to its den. How the world has started to coin these small abbreviation appropriate to define its smallest achievements of whatever small things they have accidently chanced upon. The HIT is no more a game of loosing or winning the battle of Thrones. The battle centers in your “MIND AND BODY”. The enemy resides in you and it might try to populate your mind too, albeit your mind can wander million of miles across the universe in a blink, but your lazy BUTT simply sticks into whatever little things it finds. The momentary lapse of intuition to drive our mind and body into NUTS happens with a small piece of Jigsaw, which fits into our purse or palm. It always roars as we try for a little break… Can we call it a break… which breaks your passion of finding that little joy outside virtual world of FaceBook , Instagram , Twitter and Candy crush… which crushes us upside down when it comes to freshness of “ Mind and body”. How one stops noticing hours passing as mere snapshots as we scrolls and scrolls for update of events around us while succumbing to rampant discourse and images of other Netizens. 

HIT “ Highly Intensive Exercise”  is an intensive workout lasting not more than three to four minute of your time. You might want to try it with amazing EVnR “ Extreme Vibration and resistance Exercise” for God’s shake if you wish. EVnR will try to fire your MIND and BODY with intense vibration and resistance, as you start to crawl like a Caterpillar with the rhythmic slide and highly intensive and laborious movement of your whole body .The correlation of HIT with EVnR is amazingly poised to become one of the GLOBAL SENSATION in the world of mindful exercise to tone up your mind and body in no time if you ask me…. “The Guru of EVnR” .
You may wonder how the GURU himself got enlightened with that little CATERPILLAR.  And how on earth caterpillar’s crawl or movement to cover the smallest length of time/ distance can be related with bigger phenomenon of HIT “Highly Intensive Training” if we Denizen ever try to follow it. The caterpillar could never surmise the rationale behind not leaving the ground, but we APE and walk, roll and fly as we zip across the cites and continents. Our mind has already forgotten the sweetest joy and  pain and sweating while running after animals as the cave dwellers or ploughing the field and herding  the cattle as farmers few hundred years back as we were yet to evolve.

We have let ourselves ruled by the machines of our creations as we zip around car, planes and Drones, Wish I could own one of these… and  and It takes me back to my younger self with a bit of strumming  “ I am leaving on a jet-plane … !!! by John Denver”. The departure gets very painful as we HIT over thirty or little more years of our life. The youthfulness simply starts to fade and our body slowly turns into a virtual machine as we start clamoring for more of so called meaningful ecstasy of rotting with the difficult dilemma of day to day world managing our desire for imminent prosperity.

HIT “ Highly Intensive workout”  with “EVnR” is in-fact highly sweet but a laborious session of three/ four minutes session to train your mind and body to extreme level of fitness. The movements are divided into nine parts, which sums to total of 32 minutes, but each part of nearly 3.5 minutes can take you into a different level of intensive exercise ecstasy. It is so subtle that you never feel the pain as we master the rhythmic but very rapid and laborious movement of EVnR….!

 EVnR is a burst of small joy with the highly intuitive and entertaining yet extremely difficult drive for your body to attain the extremes of fitness. The intensive few minutes of “EVnR” can change your body and mind inside out. Come and join us in Kathmandu every morning and 6.15 am.  I am sure you would want to “ Be the change you want to see in you” with EVnR.

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